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August 19 2010

Happy Birthday James Marsters! Crumble up some Weetabix and raise a glass to celebrate.

He turns 48 today. I know I can't believe it either.

Happy birthday big guy.
Happy Birthday, JM!
I get to say happy birthday in person! :)
Happy Birthday, James! It is an honor to share a birthday with you! (and it makes me a ridiculously happy fangirl every year *g*)
Happy Birthday, James!
Happy birthday, James! Hope 48 is an absolutely awesome year :)
Happy Birthday James

And Happy Birthday Spikesgurl!
Happy Birthday, James and Spikesgurl!

Will have a glass of wine in honour of you both!
Happy Birthday to two wonderful people: James and Spikesgurl! \o/
On a side note, it's also the birthday of Amy Adams who played Cousin Beth in Family.

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Happy Birthday, Blondie Bear!
And Spikesgurl and Amy Adams, too!
Happy birthday to the gorgeous man - and to Spikesgurl! James must have a crumbling portrait in his attic, 'cos how else could he look so young and beautiful?
Happy Birthday James, Spikesgurl and Amy!
I can't believe how old he is, he looks great.
Have a great birthday, James!
Happy Birthday James!! May you have a wonderful year and many more!! Luv you!!!
Happy Birthday, James!
Happy Birthday, James! ;)
Happy Birthday!!! I hope that this next year is a good one:)
Happy happy birthday James! I'm a huge fan. I'm jealous of whoever gets to tell you HB in person. Maybe I can sometime!
Happy Birthday and have fun all Chicago Comic-Con attendees!
Happy Birthday, James!
Happy Birthday, James Marsters! Y'all Macbeth us sometime, all right?

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Happy bday James!

Hey, Twitter is filled with #mishasbdayparade. Misha Collins and James Marsters share the same birthday :D

Happy birthday Misha!
Have a very happy and blessed birthday James. You are one awesome guy!!!!!Love you.
Happy birthday!!
While wasting time over at youtube I found the cutest birthday tribute to James Marsters Spike ever!
Happy Birthday James Marsters!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Marsters. Looking forward to "Caprica".

Oh, beware of Lucy Lawless ;)
Happy Birthday Jimmy boy! You're wearing it well! *g*

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