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August 20 2010

"Serenity" fine movie to get teens into sci-fi. So says Michael Booth of The Denver Post in his "Family Films on DVD" column. "If [your young teenagers] see 'Star Wars' as a Happy Meal toy series, or 'Star Trek' as a lightspeed vehicle for mega-geeks, the humor, romance and action of 'Serenity' might hook them on the genre."

I never really thought of Serenity as a 'family film' but now that I read that article, there really isn't very much sex, language or violence at all, except I'm not sure I would show the movie to a 13 year old just because the Reavers scare the crap out of me. Then again, I guess it depends on the teen.
Do recall that many a teenager loves to be scared! There's also some (clean) eye candy, always a draw for that age group...
I would say the presentation of the Reavers is far less non-family friendly in Serenity then it is in Firefly. And most kids films are made to be scary.

There isn't that much violence in the film and no bad language or sex (one of my favourite lines "a girl can't live on batteries alone," is slightly risque, but would probably go over the heads of most kids.) I can't really think of any reason why it wouldn't be suitable for anyone that is 12+. It is a 15 here in the UK, but I expect that is due to the unarmed fighting, which often seems to get slightly higher rating (pretty much all of Buffy is unjustly given a 15 rating too, for what I assume must be the same reason - all except one DVD is rated 15, if I recall.)

Not that I would call it a family film, as it is definitely aimed at adults, but I think kids would be able to enjoy it on some levels and I can see it fulfilling the role Michael Booth suggests.
I'd call Leeloo in The Fifth Element a precedent to River in a way. She's a seemingly harmless girl who turns out to be quite the asskicker.
Oh thank god! Because there fiere is definitely a shortage of teens into sci fi! (Sarcasm obviously)
edit: there not fiere lol
Well, the problem is that teens seem to gravitate towards cheesy supernatural love triangles rather than interesting sci-fi (hint-hint), Just as long there are no t-shirts that say "Team Browncoat". It's just "Browncoats", guys.
It's just amazing that it's been nearly five years since the movie premiered, and now someone calls it a "family" sci-fi film.
It was rated PG-13, so I guess the MPAA agreed that it was fine fare for teenagers. Considering what teens see nowadays, I think any fear factor is entirely a personal preference.
"Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries."

Then again, most of the violence happens off-camera (The attack on Haven, Mr. Universe being killed, etc) and what little is shown is done in a fairly non-gory way. (You don't actually see the doctor fall on the sword blade, just fall forward, for example.)

impalergeneral Nah, it'd be "Team Jayne" and "Team Mal."
Mr. Universe is run-through right in our face. I remember being pretty shocked.
COme to think of it, ShadowQuest, you may be on to something. Team Mal or Team Jayne would be easy to spot: browncoat or knit hat. I have both.
I was in 13 years old when I went to see the Serenity pre-screenings, and held up remarkably well. But then, the day I graduated from 6th grade was the day Buffy S6 came out and I was beside myself wanting to go buy it - so I was clearly in pretty deep with the sci-fi/fantasy genre, and a relatively adult one to boot. (Funny part of that second anecdote is that we couldn't go get it, so I went home and watched some S5. My older sister came in and asked if we could watch something else, so I put in Firefly...which she proceeded to watch all of in one go!)

Though the line quoted here is odd, to me, but maybe I just know the wrong teenagers. Even my most "stereotypical teen" and "hip" friends loved Star Trek. My high school won a movie day during some school fundraiser, and we got to skip out on class to see it. Everyone thought it was fantastic.
Yeah, the new Star Trek seems to have gotten the reputation as the "cool" version. The one that's OK to like.
Yeah to be honest, I think "Serenity" is probably the one you show anyone after they've already enjoyed Star Trek etc and are open to the concept of more space Sci-fi. It's obviously awesome, but it's always seemed more Step 2 than Step 1, just that bit more niche.

Having said that: Scariest conversion? Last year I got a very non sci-fi fan hooked on both Firefly and Farscape because she'd loved ABC's "Grey's Anatomy in Space" Soap Opera "Defying Gravity" before it was canned. That kinda blew my mind.

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Thanks for the correction ShadowQuest. :)
madmolly But we don't see the sword going through him. It's not like in Saving Private Ryan when he's dragging the guy up on the beach and then the guy "ends at the ribcage." Joss doesn't go for the gore.

Vandelay I might not have it verbatim. It's just one of the lines that sticks with me. "Whoa! I can't hear this!" "I could stand to hear a little more."

impalergeneral We need to make T-shirts now.

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