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August 20 2010

CSTS Charity events in Dallas, Denver & Philadelphia this weekend. Denver is screening Serenity. Dallas and Philadelphia are screening Serenity and Dr. Horrible.

Philly is having a quizzo game and Dallas a music showcase.

To quote Jubal Early: "Well, here I am."
I was at the Dallas event yesterday and I brought my DV camera. When I get a fire wire card for my PC in about two weeks, I'll post the footage I shot, for my podcast. The video will also include my first time eating a Fruity Oaty Bar. :)
I spoke too soon. Upon closer inspection, I realized the Fruity Oaty Bar is actually an Apple & Cinnamon Nutri-Grain bar, with a FOB sleeve around it. I decided to eat it right away. It was very tasty. :)

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