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August 21 2010

ABC makes 'No Ordinary Family' pilot available online. Featuring Julie Benz, and as reported by TVByTheNumbers. For a limited time only - first come, first serve.

This is the only show I'm looking forward to this fall. Hoping it's good. Guess we'll see.
Just finished it. Not bad.
hmmm. I liked it more than I thought I would. Looks like I'll have a new show to watch this fall.
Oh my goddess, this is amazing! I'm super excited for it to start airing now... I hadn't even heard of it before today.
It felt a little clunky in places to me, but it's just a pilot, so, I'll bite and give it a try.

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Hrumph. These facebook logins ask for too much access. Bogus.
Going by a leap of faith. Michael was wonderful in "The Shield" and Julie....where do I start?

Hint of advice, please don't comment about other sites or your dealings with them. They will come up short-changed here.
I hope it's good (since it's on the abc site I didn't even try to watch as I'm not in the States).

The ads they're showing on TV here don't really make it seem all that great. The clips are out of all context and a bit ho hum. I hope that doesn't put people off.
I quite enjoyed that - really appreciative of the link to the site. Very well cast, and with two extremely likeable leads such as Chiklis and Benz (love Chiklis' D.A. friend as well) I think this show has a good chance of sticking around awhile. Even just the pilot is far better than many shows already on air.

I have a lair ... with Wifi. YES!
Really liked it!!
This is US-only (and the we want your account thing is bogus).
They go to I heard about people who believe in it, but usually, there was another things in the liquid.

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