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August 21 2010

NPH wins his first Emmys! Neil won Creative Arts Emmys for his guest spot on Glee and for hosting the Tonys. He's still up for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for How I Met Your Mother -- the primetime Emmy awards are next Sunday. edit: and Seth Green won Short-Form Animated Program for Robot Chicken!

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Congrats Neil! Honestly, I wasn't keeping track, but I'm kind of shocked this is his first Emmy.
Seth Green also won for Robot Chicken
Fantastic for Neil. He deserves the win!

On a separate note, Starlady, gentle reminder - since Neil has only won one emmy, so far, the title of the post should read: NPH won his first Emmy (not Emmys, plural). Other than that - Yay!
Well he won 2 emmys so the title should actually say NPH won his first 2 Emmys since we all know these will not be his last.
But was it one Emmy for both combined, or did he win one for Glee and one for the Tonys? 'cause I thought the announcement we had here earlier said he was up for three - one for Glee, one for hosting & one for HIMYM.
The title of the linked article is "Neil Patrick Harris wins two Emmys" and the photo shows him holding an Emmy in each hand. "NPH wins his first Emmys!" is correct.

Congratulations to Mr NPH esq. well deserved but yep, hard to believe these are his first.
Congrats! He's such a talented soul.
It is rather suprising that these are his first ones. But still awesome for him.
Now I hope he wins the one next week too...
It's about time, totally deserved, and I'm really happy for him!
I like Neil a lot, but I was rooting for Mike O'Malley in the "guest star" category. He nailed the part of Kurt's dad in Glee (and was rewarded by becoming a full cast member in Season 2).
As much as I love NPH, I kinda hope he doesn't win the Best Supporting Comedy Actor nom - last season was How I Met Your Mother's worst, and Barney especially lost a lot of depth. Not that this is Neil's fault of course, but it seems silly to give an award for something that is of substantially less quality than what came before it. I'm hanging out for Ty Burrell or Eric Stonestreet myself. As long as it's not Jon Cryer.
Thanks, Znachki -- I edited the post to show that Seth also won. Somehow I missed that the first time around -- only saw that he didn't win for Voiceover.
So -- two sets of twins for NPH?
Congrats, sir.

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