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August 22 2010

The complete and most fulfilling Buffy & Angel episode sequence. One fan's guide to watching the two shows.

I don't mean to be a downer, I'm sure for the uninitiated this would be invaluable, but it's kinda apparent to the rest of us. But thanks!!
I too did this once before, making some adjustments in trying to balance actual chronology with thematic effectiveness. Or something. Always nice to see another's take.
Even Wikipedia has one of these. Complete with air dates.
Yeah, I'm not sure this adds anything significant, plus I'm pretty sure the episodes didn't just alternate (like Bargaining part 1&2 were never actually split up), and that's all he's done.
I know a better guide that groups the episodes into story arcs.
Yeah, I've done this many times before. And like AthenaMuze stated, some of these episodes should not be broken up.

Although thinking back to season seven of Buffy and season four of Angel I laughed due to the Faith's appearance on both being completely messed up in the original airing.
This guide is my favorite: (I think it's the one electricspacegirl was referencing.)
Is there a Buffy/Angel comic book reference out there? I'm arriving a few years late to the party on this one, but I'm wondering, aside from all of BtVS season 8, what I need to pick up.
Amazing! Thanks so much Simon!
Awesome lists. Thanks to everyone who linked something!
Or you can do what I like to do. Start 'City of' and at 11:55 in, start 'The Freshman' playing them simultaneously on duel screens so the phone call matches up. *he says jokingly...kinda*
Personally I love these kind of lists. In case anyone is interested there are two lists showing ordersts of all the Buffy/Angel novels, comics in chronological order below:

If anyone wants a list with all Buffyverse canon included in one, meaning TV episodes and comics (in chronological order), then check this one out:
Oh! I thought I'll get a chance to throw some fruits and various meats!

Drat! Spoiled again!
There are a few spots where I would advise against this order, like watching "Never Leave Me" between "Apocalypse Nowish" and "Habeas Corpses." There's no reason to split up the sort-of two parter, there. Same with putting "Storyteller" between "Salvage" and "Release." In B6/A3 and B7/A4 there are relatively few places where the storylines have to match up, so as long as you hit those spots, there's no reason to alternate.
@marpocky That's why I like the PDX Browncoats guide.
marpocky, "Apocalypse Nowish" was actually the midseason finale, it's designed to have a break after it...
The PDX Browncoats guide has some major mistakes. It makes absolutely no sense to finish Buffy Season 7, then watch the last seven eps of Angel Season 4. "Home" definitively comes before "Chosen". The WB aired it a week before UPN finished their Buffy run and it makes complete sense (since Angel received the necklace that Spike eventually wears, to give to Buffy, from Wolfram & Hart in "Home"). Not that air date order is always correct, but in this case it was. This last part's a personal thing, but it also just felt like Angel's Season 4 story was finished before the last few Buffy eps.

In the past, folks have brought up that Angel's mega-arc only took place over the course of two or three weeks (note that the mega-arc doesn't include all Angel eps, only the latter half of them...somewhere after "Spin the Bottle", I think I've read, is where the continuous, non-stop, not-much-room-for-pretending-weeks-in-between-eps-happened). I don't know how true this is, haven't re-watched, but at the very least, the bulk of Angel Season 4's eps definitely took place over a smaller span of time than Buffy Season 7, which kinda-sorta followed the school year (at least at the beginning. Dunno if Dawn got to graduate that year of highschool. Doubtful).

However you have to split it up so that the Faith & Willow sharing between the two shows works, then finish off Angel's, then pick up Buffy's.

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