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August 22 2010

Trailer for the Dollhouse premiere in New Zealand. It airs tomorrow night on C4 at 9.30pm.

I miss this show a lot.
I wish I was in New Zealand and got to go through all that all over again, it was so good!
Wow, that trailer is actually good.
Right there with you, gossi.
And still not seen on free-to-air in Australia!
Yeah, that was actually a really great trailer. If I wasn't a fan of Joss, I'm not sure if I would have started watching Dollhouse. However, that trailer that would have gotten my attention and to actually check out the show.
*huge sigh*

Looking forward to "Epitaphs", but that ad made me think of what could've been. Like, somehow, somewhere on this planet the show is starting anew, and this time, it's going to run for five full length seasons.

Not that I feel short-changed by what the show delivered mind. It's just...

*huge sigh*
Right there with you viewingfigures.
Did I fall a-sheep?

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