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August 22 2010

Nathan Fillion finds his spaceship. Local write up of Nathan's trip up to Eugene to test drive a new all electric prototype car.

Man, I would have loved to go up to Nathan at Saturday Market and give him a nod acknowledging him as "Captain"
Funny story: I texted my mom (who lives just outside Eugene and is a huge Fillion fan) to tell her that Nathan was in town and at the Saturday market when he and Jon tweeted. Mom and stepdad were downtown having lunch so they quickly made their way over to the (pretty sizable) market, but couldn't find them.

On a whim they drove over to Arcimoto and ended up going on the facility tour along with Nathan and Jon. Mom took a few pictures, talked a bit to Jon (not to Nathan though) and my stepdad checked out the car. Biggest thrill of their weekend (maybe week, not month though. New grandbaby gets that).

Freaked me out just a little bit because I thought it might be a little stalkery, but it seems that there were a small group of respectful fans outside the tiny little facility and that Jon and Nathan were being friendly and gracious to all just like we would expect. Glad Nathan and Jon got to experience what I consider my hometown and that my parents got a little thrill. The car looks pretty damn cool too, especially to this Los Angeles commuter.

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NF had a lot of fun with us yesterday on Twitter and answered a bunch of questions about the car's specifications. He does seem truly passionate about it, Buddha love him.

If you go to this Link, Nathan posted photos and videos of The Pulse, featuring himself and Jon Huertas. Fun times.
I was impressed by the amount of information he was relaying through Twitter about the car and different transit options.

More pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4 and video 1, 2.
I love how Arcimoto "tronned" the car out. It looks like some of the vehicles you'd see at Maker Faire. And Jon Huertas "I feel like I'm driving a shark" comment totally reminded me of these Land Sharks, which I did actually see at Maker Faire.
Adorable. And the car is cute, too.
I'd totally get that car.
For those in countries that use metric and like me don't know the conversion by heart, 65 miles per hour translates to just over 104 km/h. So yes, you could put it on the highway, in theory.


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