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"What am I, research guy?"
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August 22 2010

Trailer for Sunday Punch with Dichen Lachman. "I told you, I'm studying to be a magician."

Wasn't the trailer posted -ages- ago? I think AdoringDichen posted it on that site.. It's been winning short film awards and such already too! Proves Dichen is the greatest ever. :3
I've seen the full thing and I thought it was great fun, and Dichen is fab in it.
Yay, thanks Gossi! I didn't even know a trailer was out yet.
I've watched it a bunch of times, it looks so good. Yay I missed Dichen. <3
Frankly I was hoping that magician line was something Dichen's character said. I did like the cadence of the way she said her exposition-heavy line though.
"Oh, Christ..."
Great line reading

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