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December 05 2003

(SPOILER) SciFi Wire report on the Angel 100th episode party. Featuring the best speech Joss Whedon has probably ever made.

Interesting article but, where was this "speech". I read a few lines that have been uttered before concerning the show's premise but nothing groundbreaking or terribly insightful...I would liked to have heard all that JW had to say...
There may be an AP report in the next few days. Personally I saw his speech (some might call it words of encouragement) as a rallying call for fans of the show since the start. A re-affirmination that he still in charge, he still respects the fans wishes and the original premise of the show is still there.

There has been discontent amongst fans about this season, I think he was preaching to a wider audience not just to the cast and crew.
I doubt we'll see much more on this party in the press until it gets closer to the air date for the episode.

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