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August 24 2010

The Sydney Morning Herald gives an overview of Joss' long and varied career. Presumably in preparation for his upcoming Australian appearance, the paper tells the Story of Joss complete with new quotes from the man himself.

I thought it was a nice read, in particular Joss's thoughts on the Hays Code. Nothing exactly revelatory, but it has some nice Jossness in it.

All I can do is make it good enough for somebody to see it twice.

Joss, I've seen even Beer Bad at least three times. Let's hug it out.
Boy I'd love to hear the Batman pitch. Maybe we'll get a tongue-in-cheek retelling? That's what I'm hoping for.
In an article the opens with a list of career frustrations, I'm disappointed they forgot about Goners. FREE GONERS!
“Right now I'm working on a movie that's got enormous stipulations and is going to be changing and fluid every second. I've come up with dozens of scenes and lines and exchanges and monologues that I adore that are not going to be in it,” he says of The Avengers. “But while I'm writing them they feed me, excite me and they ultimately inform the character. It all goes in.”

God, yes. That is such a true experience. (Not the movie bit, but of writing in general.)
Can't wait till Sunday night!
b!x, that is exactly correct.

Also, more Cabin posts, even if you are making them up.

Awesome quotes.
Small point - it's the Sydney Morning Herald, which comes out on 6 other days as well as Sunday.
It was a good interview - clearly Bernard Zuel got Jossir's trust, because he opened up and was quite vulnerable. A few things made my heart skip a few beats, like:

“I stopped having ideas, which for me is an extremely rare experience,” Whedon says. “It was something much more subtle [than losing hope], it took away my ability to think in terms of episodic television. For years.”

Eeek. And awwwww. And grrrrrrrrrr! (Those bastard people and ass-faces. ; >)

I liked this - think it's true of artists in general:

Is one of the skills of being a successful writer and a director being able to handle what you might call these little creative deaths?

“It has to be but I'm not entirely sure that it's a skill that I've learned or know anyone who has,” he sighs. “I have to feel this emotionally raw because I have to believe when I write something it's going to exist. You have to have a certain naivety, almost Memento-like, and get bitch-slapped over and over."

It's true about art, and - not to get all drama-y - but it's true about life in general. Ya gotta go at something full force, "forgetting" that it could fail, even if whatever it is doesn't seem likely, because... well, among other things, that passion and excellence are how it becomes more likely.

Our Joss is wise. Mebbe that's why we like what he writes so much. ; >

(And yeah, for disappointments, let's do include Goners, which still exist as a (Goners 2.0) community, all friendly-like and fun, but with maybe very little hope for movie-fruition. Unless it is, as b!X says, FREED! and that right quick. Dammit.)

ETF: Ooops. Boldness.

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"You have to be the person who believes when nobody else does."

I feel like giving him a big bear hug.

Also excited for Sunday!
Small point - it's the Sydney Morning Herald, which comes out on 6 other days as well as Sunday.

Whoops! Thanks to the mod who fixed it.
Fantastic interview. I love that he's so honest about the impact of the Firefly cancellation. I put off watching FF for years because i knew there was only 1/2 a season. We watch the entire season and movie every 3-6months. I watch FF more than Buffy or angel. I can't find words for how stupid the network must have been to cancel it, because you just know it would have been bigger than star trek (yeah i mean star trek!. So i can only begin to imagin how it must have crush Joss, his creativity and his faith in the industry. But at least he still knows the fans are always right.And were all that matters in the end.
And sucky Opera house venue. Do any of you people know how far away Perth is from Sydney.
Boy I'd love to hear the Batman pitch. Maybe we'll get a tongue-in-cheek retelling? That's what I'm hoping for.

Joss has mentioned something about it before, but I have no idea where that was. From what I remember it had something to do with Batman visiting The Joker in Arkham Asylum... or something. *Shrug* I do remember him saying he'd still like to turn his pitch into a Batman comic if DC ever calls.
Awesome interview.

treenie I do know how far Perth is away... living in the much closer Canberra and after reading the interview I feel increasingly bad that I didn't buy tickets to Joss's talk. Oh well.

I really hope someone blogs/tweets about this and even better yet is allowed to video at least one of the two Aus talks Joss is doing.
I'll definitely be tweeting about it Bluey, if not during the event then extensively for a few days after. @AndrewThorpe
Joss being all sincere gets me emotional. Whether through his writing/directing or simply talking he really knows how to get through to one's heart. Fantastic article and it's great to see the guy who gets beat down get right back up and dust himself off. Just another reason I love his work and this community. You keep writing, we'll keep reading/watching/listening, gladly. :)

Also count me in as wanting to know what his plan and direction for Bats and Wonder Woman would have been.
If I recall, this 2008 MTV interview w/ Casey Seijas is where Joss spoke at the greatest length about his Batman pitch:
Joss Whedon Talks About His 'Batman' Movie That Never Was

Re: his Wonder Woman script - Neil Gaiman would like to read it, too. ; > (There's a link or two in that thread to more info on Joss' satin-tighted Wondy wot never was...)
That's the interview I was thinking about. Thanks QuoterGal. :)

Joss's scripts (Wonder Woman, Goners, X-Men) are kind of mythical in the way they are impossible to find online. Hopefully one day they'll all leak onto the interwebs and we can make mock of his rejected work. Except for Goners, because that's still getting made. Right? Right Universal? Anyone? *Weeps*
This exact article was in 'The Age' on the 21st! Yet again, Melbourne wins over Sydney. They didnt post it on their website though, so I couldn't link it :(
Seeing Joss on Friday night!!
Sure beats hearing about the hung parliament, and the constant changing between "Labor looks set to form parliament" followed by an article 2 hours later "Liberals now hold more seats" blah blah blah. Much rather read about Joss, than that constant river of drivel filling our newspapers right now.
'“I have always felt, my whole life, that everything could be taken away at any second. It has actually been a huge problem for me that I know that,” ' Yeah, knowing that the things of your life aren't your call, it's tough.

And yes, many scenes that will never be shown; any of us who try to produce anything know that feeling. (At least they aren't phony scenes actually beign filmed to make one of the actors think it's a different film.....)

Was that pic of Eliza taken in one of thsoe perspective-distorting rooms or were those actually mini-sized props?

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It is surprising just how much this interview worsened my already dark mood. It's like, "JOSS WHEDON, THIS IS YOUR LIFE," listing all of his failures. Not that it's a bad interview, Joss gives some memorable insights as always, just...not what I was expecting.

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