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August 25 2010

From SFX Magazine's archives - 100 Questions with Joss Whedon. With the magazine's 200th issue now out, SFX have put online features from each issue. And as you would expect there's a ton of Whedonverse covers, interviews, reviews, pictures and articles.


Review of Buffy from 1998

Review of Angel from 1999

Buffy pop art from 2000

"Whedonverse through the ages" from 2000

Alyson Hannigan pics from 2000

James Marsters interview from 2000

"Alternative (Rock) Spikes" from 2002

"Spike-mania at the SFX Event" from 2002

James Marsters pic from 2002

100 Questions with Joss Whedon from 2003

"Joss takes on the X-Men" from 2004

Buffy: Animated interview with Jeph Leob (plus artwork) from 2004

Pics of Nathan, Morena and Summer from 2005

Review of Serenity from 2005

Joss art from 2006

Alan Tudyk interview from 2008

Eliza Dushku interview from 2009

Yay answer #67!
That was great. I loved seeing the BtVS covers from the '90s and the 100 Questions was a lot of fun!
Some of those Buffyverse covers are stunning.
I love his answer for #57! These covers are stunning! I totally agree Simon!
That was a fabulous start to the morning! =D
Awesome read. SMG looks amazing on the July 2003 cover. Wish I could collect all of them!
And, if you're obsessive with no life, you can spot a heck of a lot of tiny insets of Whedon characters. Not to mention a Whedon reference on almost every cover for six/seven years.

There's some very pretty men on those covers. I may have to find my bunk...
Oh, this was wonderful. Such a treat to read, especially James Marsters recoiling in horror when asked if Spike should ever get his soul back.
The answer to 'Is this the last series of Firefly?' makes me very sad.
Thanks so much for putting all of these links up! This is fantastic.
I desperately want to see "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, M.D."
I'd pay to see 'Thora, the Vampire Slayer'!
Man I'm trawling through all of these, amazing.

Just reading that first Spike interview from issue 70, sometimes I wonder what is wrong with Tony Head when he tells James things like British people say 'ass' not 'arse'. I think he was maybe living in America for too long...
digupherbones, what an odd thing for ASH to say - the only time I say ass is when I talk about a donkey - maybe it was a mix up in the telling?
Haven't yet gotten to the other links, but the Joss questionnaire was pure joy.
Yeah, that was odd of Tony to say. I think it's just a mix up, though.

I sometimes say 'ass' instead of 'arse', but only when deliberately using words like 'hardass', 'badass', 'jackass' etc... Somehow, 'hard-arse' just doesn't sound quite right!

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