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August 25 2010

Playing a bad hand well: Adelle DeWitt as abuse survivor. A very thorough look at the Dollhouse character.

That was fantastic! I can't wait to watch Dollhouse again, armed with the ideas I've read on it since it aired. Next time I'll be able to like Adelle.
A good read, indeed.
That was an amazing article. Adelle was my favourite character on the show (one of my favourite Whedon characters, period) and this article makes me appreciate her even more. I’ve often thought about what her back story is (loved the small titbit that she was involved in stem cell research) but I had never considered that she was a victim of abuse. This article was definitely an eye-opener and has probably permanently shaped how I view the character. I also feel a real need to go back and re-watch all of Dollhouse now so yay! :)
Wow, that article ... actually makes sense to me. As much as I liked Adelle, I have never thought about her past all that much. Now I feel the need for yet another complete rewatch of Dollhouse. Yay!
“Given that you’re a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer, I can’t recall – do you take sugar?”

One of my favorite lines from the series, and delivered so well.
This is an exceptional article. I've long thought that Dollhouse is remarkable for the way it plays with the "created family" trope which has often been dealt with in subversive ways in Whedon works before, but never to this extent. The idea of Adelle as an abuse survivor, doomed (as, for example, Angel is) to create dysfunctional, abusive families around her, is remarkable and makes sense. Much kudos!
I really enjoyed that article, and if it was passed over, that says great things about how awesome the rest of the book must be! Adelle really is a fabulous character and Olivia Williams delivers the lines so well.

The article does incorporate one of my pet peeves, though: the line “Given that you’re a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer, I can’t recall – do you take sugar?” is almost always mis-punctuated like that. It makes it sound like Adelle can't recall his tea preference because he's a horrible person! The "given..." part is in response to why she would no sooner let him near an active than she would let a rabid dog near a child. The sugar part is her being a bad ass and in control of the situation. (I realize I'm crazy for letting it bother me so much, but I'm an English dork...and pretty crazy, so there you have it.)
Excellent read! I'm so glad to see Dollhouse inspiring such serious, well written pieces. Now I really can't wait to find time for the new Slayage essays.

We'll never know for certain what exact back stories the main characters on DH would have been given, but in light of Joss's track record, we can be certain they would have been awesome. Adelle is one of Joss's finest creations and Olivia Williams one of the finest actors to ever inhabit a marvelously complex, morally ambiguous Whedon role.

Makes me want to shed a tear for what might have been.
That was an amazing article on a phenomenal character! Made me think back on a lot of Adelle lines & her reactions to the situations mentioned. A lot of thought and time went into that article. (Wasn't a typical episode walk through article...) Beautifully written & made me look at Adelle a bit different. One of the finest strong female characters Joss has written. (Not that Joss writes a lot of strong & incredible female characters or nothing...:) )
Congrats to who wrote it!

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