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August 25 2010

25 Biggest Emmy Nomination Snubs. Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured as number 22 and Buffy as number 3 on EW's list of Emmy snubs.

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Indeed. Harrumph.
Couldn't agree more. Buffy as a whole, but SMG especially, definitely deserved some Emmy recognition.

Great to see Sports Night included on the list (I just love that little show). Though atleast Aaron Sorkin got the recognition he deserves with The West Wing.
Good list. Was pleased to see Sports Night (I love it too Groo) get any kind of acknowledgement, as well as Homicide, one of my all-time favorites. I was surprised that Battlestar Galactica was left off the list, but in the purest sense of the subject matter, they did get a few technical awards and a couple writing/directing nominations.
So very true.
BSG wasn't totally left off. If you followed the list all the way down to the top 50, James Callis came in at #40, with an excellent write-up. Still .... in my perfect world where hard SciFi isn't automatically overlooked for anything except technical stuff, there's hardly a member of that cast who didn't deserve at least a nomination, plus the show itself.

Obviously agreeing with the BtS and SMG love, and I would have added a couple of the supporting actors to the list as well, James Marsters and Tony Head.

I think The Wire should be #1 on the list. Arguably the most critically acclaimed series ever, it was never even nominated.

I would add both Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda from the last season of The West Wing.
Even more so than Sarah, I would say that Alyson Hannigan not getting a nod for her work as Willow was nothing short of criminal.

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