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August 25 2010

Dollhouse: Complete Series R2 Box Set (Blu-ray) Cover. I never expected it to be THIS good.

That's not bad actually. I assume the DVD Box set will be the same. Be interesting to see if the R1 version will have more features.
Oh wow... That is pretty sweet. Now I'm wondering if I should get both Season 2 and the box set...
I've always loved that promo but I never expected for it to be used, my excitement level has grown a lot.
They still haven't released Season One in Australia - I'm kinda hoping we just get a Complete Series pack, "Epitaphs" comic included.
This is the exact promo I would have used for the Season 2 cover, in fact, I did nearly complete a mock cover with this image last month. The font work is amateur, but overall this is a much better cover than both previous releases.

I cannot wait to have the R1 version of this.
Um, is Echo almost falling out of that car?
Still would have preferred a cover with someone other than Dusku, but oh well...
*Artwork Subject To Change

^ That will be the cover, if anything changes it'll be subtle.
We now return to "Wanted", already in progress. :)
It's more of an "if" situation with an R1 release than a "when" situation. FYI
Oh really, TamaraC? Too bad. I've got a friend who isn't buying the individual seasons cause they're waiting on it, and I for sure would have loved a complete series!
Oh and I'm jealous, it's so pretty! lol I want this and the Japanese one.
JAYROCK, it could happen. Just not a done deal. Will probably depend on how season 2 does.
Well I hope the announcement of more Dollhouse comics mean preorders were good, plus I think it will generally do well cause it's a Whedon show and it's a good show, and there are insane fans like me who will import every country's complete set or order multiple copies of season 2 to get more than one comic. Fingers crossed if we do get one it has good cover art like UK or Japan!
Seriously, S1 is not out in Australia yet? It's out here in Brazil, and here Fox do weird stuff with their releases. They have yet to release season 7 of Buffy, season 3-5 of Angel and Firefly(on a side note the same applies to season 2-3 of Roswell), but they did release Dollhouse S1.

On another sidenote, during my two weeks off in Taiwan, earlier this month, I stumbled upon Angel S1 boxset in Taiwan, a local R3 release.

Back on Dollhouse, gorgeous cover. Also got a friend who was planning to wait for the R1 complete set, bummed to know it's more a "if" thing, rather than when. It's a bit annoying, because you get the separate sets, and then if the complete R1 set happens it comes with extra stuff, that people who spent money on separate sets will only get if they spend more money and get the complete set.
My understanding of S1 DVD in Australia is it's held up in a rights issue, i.e. it needs to air free-to-air before it can be released by Home Entertainment. I suspect it's actually an error/misunderstanding, as the free-to-air rights got shifted to a different network (owned by same group) on cable.
I don't think it's an error, Gossi. We often have rights deals in Australia that restrict things to having passed through free-to-air before DVD release (something to do with compensation or some such between cable and free-to-air). Network Ten needs to screen Dollhouse before it can be released on DVD. However, the good news is that Network Ten will soon be adding another digital channel which will screen drama series, so it's possible that Dollhouse could be on the roster. There are plans afoot for a fan campaign to encourage Network Ten to air Dollhouse, and we're going to be starting it after Joss's appearances in Australia this week. Keep an eye out for it on
Why isn't Firefly on BD in the UK then?

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