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August 25 2010

Top 10 Greatest SF&F Characters. The SFX list features Giles at number 3 and Dr Horrible at number 5.

WOW. Giles beat Batman. Really wasn't expecting that. I figured it was a no-brainer that Dr. Who and Batman would go 1-2. This is why I never bet.

Congratulations to the ME writers for creating a character that lives on in the people's visceral core.
Well, it's pretty clear the Dr. Who faction was out in force for that one...
Where's Snake Plisskin!!?? I guess the snake-heads stayed home for this poll.
Well, it's pretty clear the Dr. Who faction was out in force for that one.....

Yup, well it is a British magazine. Never a surprise to see the Doctor, but really The Master at no 10? Does no one remember Anthony Ainley, he practically had a three course meal of the scenery every time he appeared.

As for the rest, something of a very random "pick a character out of a hat" list of big names, but then again these things are never objective.
Dr. Horrible? Really?
I'm not sure if any of the astonished realize it or not, but the Top 10 List was generated from those 10 polls of 200 characters we were all voting on over... what, a week ago...? These are all the characters that won their respective categories and that are now ranked according to how they fared in the final runoff vote. I know how it easy it is to miss stuff here if you don't visit for a week or so. ^_^ And nope they're not objective--but sometimes surprising. Hence the fun. *rubs hands together while grinning stupidly*

Oh, and Dr. Horrible beat out Snake Plisskin (ranked #14 Anti-hero) and 18 others for the Top Anti-hero, which is why Dr. Horrible is now on The Top 10 List.
The continued rise of Giles is a thing of fandom beauty!
I actually can't believe Dr. Horrible got more votes than Sarah Connor. I mean how many people even watched it?
It's just a guess, but I think the Sarah Connor votes were greatly driven by Linda Hamilton's portrayal of her in the original first two movies.
I think digupherbones is wondering how many people even watched Dr Horrible (rather than The Sarah Connor Chronicles) i.e. it's surprising to see Dr Horrible higher given that Sarah Connor is a 25+ year old character from a huge internationally recognised film/TV/book/comic franchise whereas Dr Horrible, y'know, isn't (yet ?! Muhahahahahahah ... ha). Similarly, it's surprising to see Giles higher than Batman. I'd say the order is probably partly related to voter organisation (and national skewing) and maybe partly down to the options available as a result of the previous polls.

Also, technically Peter Cushing wasn't The Doctor (because he actually had a name and his name was 'Dr. Who'). Eagle eyed viewers who can also count will note that we're on the eleventh Doctor and yet there're 12 photos in the collage, so let the canon wars begin ! Or re-begin-agin !
"I think digupherbones is wondering how many people even watched Dr Horrible (rather than The Sarah Connor Chronicles)"

Ah, yes. That would make sense. I guess that's a wonderful example of how misleading/inexact text can be. It always runs through one's personal filters.


In other thoughts... About these winners, I've decided that Dr. Horrible probably fits better into the postmodern category of Anti-villain.

And oh, please. No more canon wars for a while. The ones clustered around Buffygate were tiring enough. I'm feeling very grateful right now that this isn't a Whovian site.

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