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December 05 2003

Kristin Chat Firefly DVD Giveaway Kristin talks about Joss talking about Firefly, and will be giving away five Firefly DVD boxed sets to people who attend her Monday chat.

I can't get jengod's link to work (does E!Online really have a subdomain named 'shaggy'?), but you can get info about the DVD giveaway and some cool quotes from Joss here. Spoiler free!
Changed link. Not sure about the shaggy domain either.
I thought Joss learnt piano, not guitar, to write the musical. But maybe I'm just being picky anyway. Do we have Firefly region 4 yet?
Firefly region 2 should be out in April or May so I guess region 4 will be out at the same time.
eOnline doesn't pity the poor Canadian in their contests either...Ah well, I was gonna risk getting spoiled for the chance to win DVDs but now I don't have to.

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