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August 25 2010

Happy Birthday Marti Noxon! Raise a toast to celebrate.

She turns 46 today.

A very happy birthday to Marti and heartfelt thanks for writing more than a few of my favorite episodes!
Happy birthday Marti Noxon! Buffy the Vampire Slayer would not be the show it is without you, and I mean that in a very complimentary way. You have written many of the show's darkest and deepest hours, and many of my personal favourites. And also: great singing voice! And also: Mad Men!
Happy Birthday, Marti Noxon! Thank you for all the wonderful scripts (and the singing)!
I should send her some underwear.
That probably sounded creepier than I meant.
>>Raise a toast to celebrate.
Complying! Toast on high, butter dripping down past elbow!
Thank you for giving good slay and many other fine things.
didifallasleep, I'm searching for a sense that wouldn't sound creepy... and it's just not coming to me.
Happy Birthday! Unlike some people, I loved Buffy's sixth season. Thank you!
Happy birthday! S6 is my favorite, and I know I owe a large part of that to you.
filops: Because sings that she's not wearing underwear in "Once More, With Feeling." I got it, didifallasleep! :)

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Happy Birthday Marti! :)
Toast raised. Happy birthday!
Wohoo! We have the same birthday!
Happy Birthday, Marti! Here's to many many more!
Thanks, WilliamTheB! :)

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