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August 25 2010

"Bones" photos from Television Critics Association Fox party. And, relatedly, pics of the casts of "Castle" and "V" at ABC's Summer 2010 TCA Party.

Morena is blonde now? looks...odd.
The blondeness was the first thing I noticed too, yes. *perplexed head tilt*
Yeah...apparently the bleached locks are for a role, probably for the new season of "V" but could have been for another project that hasn't been discussed in media circles.

I personally gotta wonder at the conversation that would have been had when Nathan saw Morena and got a chance to schmooze with another BDH...can only imagine the ribbing he'd give ;)
Mmm....Nathan in jeans.

Wha? Other pictures? Oh. Right. Umm...strange outfit on Stana, and a weird way to stand.

And...blonde Morena is harder to wrap my head around than Morena with short hair.

Haven't looked at ones from "Bones" yet.
Did David had a health problem? I see some dark spots on his forehead (not joking)
Don't forget that Tamara Taylor is a Whedonverse alum, too. Can't recommend the dress, though.

And Morena is such a gorgeous person, but the blond hair is a little jarring.
Just so you know why this was originally two separate posts - I have repeatedly followed the HTML "how to" instructions, but on this computer, it's refusing to cooperate, so I still can't get a URL to be live anywhere but in the original URL box. So thanks Admins for putting everything together! :)

And yes, I think short blond hair on Morena Baccarin looks nearly as odd as it did on Charisma Carpenter.

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