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August 25 2010

Fantasy Is Not Their Purpose: Essays on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It's a special double issue of Slayage with twelve essays to look at.

Some very fun topics there, I think I'll start with the "Belle Chose" essay, love that episode!
Man - there is a *ton* of stuff on there. It's gonna be hours (with some sleeping in there, too) before I can even think about commenting on any of these.

The Cyberpunk, Sleeping Beauty, D3, and the Reflexivity & Identity are the ones I'll be grabbing for first. Oh, and the Rossum one, too, I expect.

It's Christmas in the Dollverse reading world, ain't it? And the Espenson/Smart Pop Books Dollhouse book must be coming out soon, too.

And then there's comics and stuff. Holy heckity, they're grouping.
If nothing else, do read Rhonda Wilcox's essay, she's great! I started with that one because of her fantastic book on Buffy, and I was not disappointed. IMO she really understands Dollhouse, and helps me see all the layers as well...
Damn, I wish these had been available when I was writing my essay on the Whedonverse. They would have been so helpful for DH. It's going to be an interesting read though, definitely looking forward to burying my head in these.
Thanks Simon, can't wait to find time for this.

And thanks OldSwede for the Rhonda Wilcox shout-out. My first instinct was to start with her, because her Why Buffy Matters is my very favorite book on BtS.
This looks awesome, can't wait to put these articles on my Sony Reader!
Ooooh, yes, I've been waiting for this! The range of topics looks promising.
they're grouping

"They're not bison."

"They're a little bit bison."
I saw some of these essays presented at Slayage. They were awesome. I can't wait to read.

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