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"My entire existence was constructed by a sociopath in a sweater-vest. What do you suggest I do?"
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August 26 2010

See Dr. Horrible LIVE in Halifax! As part of the 2010 Fringe Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a group will be putting on a live performance of Dr. Horrible from September 4th - September 12th!

I'm actually really excited for this. I always read postings here about live shows taking place in other cities and think to myself that Halifax would never have something like this, so it's pretty awesome that we're finally getting our own production. Count me in!
GRR ARGH! Right when I move away :(
Axed84 - I know right? I am trying to figure out how to go to every single show (both logistically and without looking like a crazy person). Can't wait to see this as it was awesome to see on the big screen with Serenity. I'm gonna go work on my evil laugh now.

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