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August 26 2010

(SPOILER) Sneak peek at the new Dr. Horrible comic. io9 gives a look at a few pages of the new forthcoming story by Zack Whedon, although they put the pages in the wrong order.

Great artwork.
Okay, Bad Horse is in the comics. Well, that settles the issue of whether or not I NEED TO HAVE THEM. (That is, yes I do.)

Very impressed with the artwork! Suits the tone perfectly.
Put them in the wrong where have I heard that happen to a Whedon masterpiece before? (Fox, I'm looking at you!)
@EddieBuck: I am cheering you and crying on the inside at the same time!
I'm impressed. Is this a new full length comic? There has only been one of those, correct? I seem to remember a bunch of little Dark Horse Myspace Presents Dr. Horrible pieces. What all has been made as far as Dr. Horrible comics at this point?
@ Giles- This will be included in the Trade Paperback collecting the Dr. Horrible one-shot and the web comics.
The art is gorgeous! And Bad Horse looks positively awesome.
Art looks cool but ten bucks is a bit steep for a trade that consists mostly of a comic I already own and a few shorts I read online for free. On the other hand... Death Whinny. Hmmm... tough call.

One thing: Is this definitely coming out September 1st? According to Comixology, it won't be released until 22 September.

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