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August 26 2010

Press release for Three Inches starring James Marsters. It lists all actors and who they will play.

Watts's and Annika's powers would be neat to have.
I'n glad something official at last mentions JMS. I think the show could be fun, but only if worked expertly or at least with some sense of humour.
It looks like a really interesting cast, and I prepared to love the show (hey, I love 'Warehouse 13', and 'Eureka' so it could happen!).
I dunno, I think Watts's power is mighty creepy. Emotional control over a fellow human being? Now there's a power ripe for potential abuse. But... it does sound better than being The Human Smell. Which, first of all, eeew. And second of all, although I'm sure it is a very nice power to have in a dark parking lot, I can see it making socializing potentially difficult depending on it's "quirks."
whelp they've got tosh for torchwood, as if i needed more reason to hope for this show.
I wish it was not Fox related - but, yay James. I will be watching.
I thought Syfy was NBC? They have network stuff in the NBC store.

I bought my Caprica keychain there.
BreathesStory "Emotional control over a fellow human being? Now there's a power ripe for potential abuse" Yeah, kinda the idea :-).
Sci-Fi is NBC Universal but according to the press release Fox TV is one of the studios behind the show. That's not Fox Fox though (i.e. the network), pretty sure that's the nice Fox that Joss (for one) has said was supportive of his stuff.

Sounds like it could be funny if done well, not a bad cast. The powers kind of remind me of a) 'The Freshmen' comic that Seth Green was involved with and b) a brief foray with some mates into the Marvel Superheroes RPG back in the early 90s where one of us had the ability to shoot a weak laser beam from his left heel. You wouldn't believe how often that isn't useful in any way. Except you would.

(JM sounds like the Nick Fury of the bunch, could be he doesn't have any super-powers himself)
Saje - "...the ability to shoot a weak laser beam from his left heel."

It's like sitting through season 4 of Heroes, all over again... ;)

This new series actually sounds half decent, although I'm a little worried about the number of superhero type shows starting up this season. The sudden overkill of a concept is usually a bad thing for all the shows involved. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Three Inches beats the odds. James deserves his next big thing.

Hmmm, 'Three Inches' and 'big thing'. Something sounding not quite right there...
Sounds more and more like fun :)

Can't wait to actually see it. I really hope it'll work out and become a great show.
Hmmm, 'Three Inches' and 'big thing'. Something sounding not quite right there...

Well, fortunately for JM the "three inches" refers to another character, so this could very well be his big thing. Although, as you point out RockPagan, this show is bound to lead to a lot of... comparison with all the other superhero type shows out there. I guess we'll just have to wait and see which ones end up preforming well.
Sounds pretty interesting, I am going to give it a try.
The show's concept reminds me of that Heroes viral video "Zeroes" that NBC brought out.
Never watched that and it sounds like I didn't miss anything. Hopefully this will be as good as it sounds.
'Zeroes' wasn't much cop IMO though the guy that could kick himself in the head did make me smile (and the concept is decent).

Hmmm, 'Three Inches' and 'big thing'. Something sounding not quite right there...

Yep, "big" indeed, pfft. Three inches is totally average.

... What ?
Three inches is totally average.

Well, there's nothing wrong with average. But will any of us get to actually experience "Three Inches?" They're not obliged to show us at all, right? SyFy ordered quite a few pilots. (The number ten is stuck in my mind for some reason.) It's my understanding that just because "Three Inches" is given a shot at it, SyFy might not end up very satisfied with the end result and could decide not to seek any further development. That's how this whole pilot season thing works, right? They try out a bunch of them and see which ones have the best fit. I figure there's apt to be some stiff competition amongst them and they all won't be making it to the finish line.
"Three Inches" has a better chance than most, I'd think, because of it's over-the-top genre cred in the cast -- you can stop after you've got Marsters, Jacobsen, and Mori in the show.

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