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August 26 2010

The Musical Stylings of Nicholas Brendon! Nicholas' stunning rendition of I've Got A Theory as performed for two delighted fans at his meet and greet last Friday.

OK... this rules! Nick is awesome for doing this for the girls (and also for the great meet n greets!). his webmaster rules for putting it up and sharing with the fans. and i rule for getting the video in the first place! OK... the last one is lame, but true. i'm just glad the video is clear- i was squeeing so strongly as i shot this... those girls were great! :)
*laughing incredulously* Oh my goodness, that was stunning, adorable, and hilarious! Wow....
After all these years he was right on pitch. So cute.
Haha! He's awesome!
When he was in Columbus, OH in May he sang a ton of excerpts from OMWF. It's great that he still remembers them and this video is fabulous. Nick is such a great guy.
Okay, maybe we can't have a Joss-based Buffy movie, but how about a Joss-based Xander movie?!? Where's the Xander love?!?
I'd love a Xander movie! C'mon, Joss, give the Xander fans some love.
Thirded, we want us a Xander movie... or maybe a Xander spin off show... or a Xander internet musical, I'm open to all ideas
OMG, the Xander internet musical would be riot!
I'd watch a Xander Internet musical! And buy it on iTunes!

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