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August 26 2010

Joss on SOON on Aussie radio on Go there & click on "Listen" - they keep announcing him for "after the news." ETA: The interview is now online.

They say on their site that "Josh Whedon" will be on their radio show this Aussie afternoon (soon) - they keep playing teasers that are definitely Our Jossir. Probably will be recorded for later listen if you miss it. ETA: Podcast should be available here at some point.

Me, too. The Doctor said a minute ago Our Jossir was a "frikkin' legend." Well, yuh-huh & duh.

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Aussie *ahem*. I must protect the Commonwealth.
*Listening* Oooh, it's Joss! :)
This host either did a great research or he's really a Joss fan... I like that.
Is Aussie a bad thing to say? *trembles* Is it... an insult?

Did I... do wrong?

*lower lip quavers a bit*
Is Aussie a bad thing to say?

It is if you spell it OZZIE.

Hey Joss swore on the radio. Can they do that in Australia?
Phew, I didn't. (Live & learn..)

It's kicked out for me - can't seemingly get it back. Hopefully they will upload it for later listening.


What was his swear? - I missed it. And, you know, that's... important. Must know.

(ETA: Wait, did I spell it that way & you edited it? Coz - apparently getting senile if so... ; >)

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Yay, he talked about Firefly in space! I arrived a little late to the 'verse to be aware of that project ("Breaking Atmo" right?) while it was going on, but I still love the idea that they have Firefly DVDs on the international space station and Joss has a picture of it being there. :)

This is actually a pretty good interview so far!

I'd like to hear this again too. That quip that "the puppy (i.e. the emotional element we attach to?) should usually not be a puppy" (ala Star Trek: Enterprise) was pretty clever.

ETA: (on challenges with writing for a complicated franchise like The Avengers) "But there's a lot of puppies in this movie. It's 101 Dalmations."


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This was pretty good. Will definitely check the podcast! Want to hear more!

Thanks for the link QuoterGal!
Loved it. Enough so that I'll probably listen to the podcast tomorrow and I ain't a podcast kinda girl. The puppies were classic. :)
Yeah, sounds like there will be additional Jossy material on the Doctor's website/podcast - which you can subscribe to here.

I'll write up my notes and post 'em here, if that's okay and/or anyone wants me to.
Thanks, QuoterGal! Good find--that was fun! Oh, and I guess you could maybe change the tags to include The Avengers, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and puppies...!

Notes sound good!
Ha, the Doctor brought up the toad line from X-Men. Classic.

It was a good interview. Usually you can tell when the host has no idea who or what they are talking to/about, but the Doctor really sounded like he knew who Joss was. Or he is a great bluffer.
Well, that was fun. Sometimes insomnia is really convenient. : ) He swore and shitty? Well, it was something related to the root word "shit." The music they played between the interview segments sort of overwrote all accurate memory. (Did I mention the tired, the insomnia?)

Apparently the interview will be podcasted in it's entirety, including(?!) portions "too hot" for this particular broadcast. Did I hear that correctly? There's gonna be more?
Simon - they can on the ABC... LoL. Awww I missed it on account of driving :( Will snag the podcast for later but.
The interview is now online so I added the URL.
Great interview
Best line ever; "Since they're all high schoolers, he can still beat them up."

Thanks for the updated link Simon, and for the initial link QuoterGirl!
Good-oh, Simon - thanks.

Ya know - if it's already up for folks to listen to, there doesn't seem to be any real point in me writing up my all of notes. Here's just a few bits I found interesting and/or especially enjoyed.

• (re: working on Doctor Horrible) - Joss said working on his own w/out studio or big production company behind him was both "freeing and terrifying". He said people were "extremely unhelpful" ('til he got his great production folks, including David Burns) - that "someone" (didn't say who) emailed him that you could not film a horse. Could not be done. Joss said he rather thought that initially moving pictures were developed to film a horse - to see how the legs moved when they ran. (Ed.: et voilà - don't mess with a film student, Unknown Unhelpful Person. :P )

• Joss said that his fear before appearing to play and sing at Ira Glass' request for "This American Life" (Joss Whedon on Return To The Scene Of The Crime) was a "terror that can barely be mentioned." ; >

• Asked about "Avengers" he said it was a bit "daunting in its scope". He agreed w/ the Doc, who said for a comics geek like himself (Joss) it must be a bit like being given the Keys to the Kingdom, and Joss said, "A nice kingdom." That sometimes when you get given the keys to a place you wanted to go all your life, it didn't end up being what you had hoped for, but that working on Avengers had turned out to be so. (After reading the earlier Sydney/Sidney/Sunday Morning Herald interview from this week, this bit made me feel glad, I tells ya, glad. ; > )

There was more, and apparently some that they didn't air but that will be on the podcast. The Doc, as others have mentioned, clearly liked and knew Joss' work, which was refreshing. You'all should listen - it's really good to hear Joss all excited again.

I hope all you Ozian (Ozian? Can I say Ozian? It's not offensive, is it? ; > ) folk who are seeing Joss in Melbourne and Sydney have a high old time with Our Jossir and give him that Down Home Love the way you'all do so well.
QuoterGal, thanks for the notes. I'm sure there are many of us who appreciate them. Podcasts are fine, but it takes time to listen to them, and it can be hard to do at work...
That was sehr gut. I like interviews where people actually seem to know about Joss, and the Firefly DVDs floating in space was very cool. One of the things I love about Firefly is the lack of noise in space, a lot of sci-fi series just add noise to make it more exciting, maybe that's why spacemen like it?
Never heard someone call us Ozian before. And my last name begins with Oz.

But as the current leader of this island nation (hey, what with the outcome of our recent parliamentary elections, who say I couldn't be ;)) I deem it inoffensive. But weird still the same. ;)
Thanks for the notes, QG! I was in the middle of a tech rehersal for our CSTS event tomorrow that I missed the second half. But we did get a plug in there for our event!! Lindsay (aka. The Doctor) is a big nerd-boy and a huge Joss fan, so it was very exciting to see him interview his hero. :)

I'll be attending the Melbourne Joss event tonight, and though I won't be able to do as good a recap as QG, I'll make an attempt.
Direct audio for the Joss interview is here
This is so nice,
I just might listen to the same thing twice...
Thanks so much everyone - great stuff. It definitely makes a difference when the person doing the interview is obviously a fan and knows what he's talking about.
Is it just me or did The Doctor say "One More Time With Feeling"? Maybe I was hallucinating. Wouldn't be the first time.

Lovely to hear Joss' voice. Would taking notes on Sunday be bordering on obsessive? Wait, isn't that a prerequisite for Whedonesque membership? ;)
Thank you, QuoterGal, for the pre-show alert and post-show . . . quotes!
....but I still love the idea that they have Firefly DVDs on the international space station and Joss has a picture of it being there. :)
CellarDoor | August 27, 07:37 CET

Go here .......

Click on "Gotta Have Records of Everything", the pics are there. :_)
Damn, the one day I'm not listening to Triple J and it's when Joss Whedon is on. Oh well, I just love The Doctor even more now because he clearly knew what he was talking about.
This was a terrific interview, it is great that the interviewer clearly was very familiar with all of Joss' work (and clearly really loves it all). Thanks to everyone who linked this!
cardea the interviewer did indeed say One More Time With Feeling, I figure it was just a slip though, Joss didn't bother to correct him. And to be fair if I was interviewing Joss I would probably get 'hello' wrong.
It is if you spell it OZZIE
As an Australian, this is news to me!

Hey Joss swore on the radio. Can they do that in Australia?
Oh you have no idea! :-)
Joss did eventually restate the correct title but it was *several* sentences later, so if it was a correction, it was a very gracious and subtle one. ...not that I mean to ungraciously and explicitly correct... *blush*

Yeah, I think I would get hello wrong too!
There are a few swear words you can say on Australian radio, including "shit". Joss also dropped the f-bomb in his Melbourne talk. That man has a potty mouth... but is so wickedly entertaining that he can easily be forgiven. :)

Ozzie should only be used when referring to Ozzie the Ostrich from the TV variety show "Hey! Hey, it's Saturday!" (though why they used an ostrich and not an emu is a question for the ages). Or Ozzie Osmond.

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Well, there are a few swear words you can say on Triple J, which is not a commercial radio station. That shit'd get bleeped so hard on any of the commercials.

Good interview. Missed it on the day.

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