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December 06 2003

Firefly DVD review at DVD Talk. This site does some of the best reviews around so well worth reading for what the writer thought of the episodes, the sound, the picture quality, the extras and the commentaries.

Definitely an excellent review and just another thing to make me anticipate this Tuesday a little bit more. Can't. Wait.
Very good review, but now I'm confused on the order of the episodes.

I thought it was always supposed to be Heart of Gold, Objects in Space, Trash, then The Message.
This review has it listed as Trash, The Message, Heart of Gold, then Objects in Space.

Simple misplacement? Or did I have it wrong all along?
The review's order for the last four eps is right. The first order you have listed is the production order, but Whedon & Minear changed the order of the episodes for some reason (& they skipped the three eps to make sure the final ep was actually aired on FOX), just like Minear switched "Shindig" and "Safe" to after "Out of Gas."

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