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"If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell."
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August 27 2010

The wonderful Whedon of Oz. Joss talks about his upcoming appearances at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Writers Festival, Glee and the lack of musical numbers in The Avengers.

Actually, it is a wonderful world! Looking forward to those reports.
I am torn between the principle that every person is entitled to privacy, and the strong desire to ensure that there is a camera pointed at this man every time he speaks or writes or, potentially, signs. And they'd better capture those arias for posterity.

Seriously, has anyone ever seen Joss off his figurative game? Does he pre-write all his own dialog? Is he lip-syncing? How is he this consistently funny?
Joss definitely makes my life more wonderful.

And Mercenary, I saw Joss at a Chicago Convention when he hadn't slept at all (he was in the middle of filming Serenity and undoubtedly regretting that he had committed to being Guest of Honor in Chicago) and he wasn't even off his game there! He was funny and interesting, and only slightly less articulate than usual.
Wait... I get a hug from Joss?
Simon, You mean ... The Avengers is NOT modeled after Priscilla, Queen of the Desert-type iconic musical set pieces with flowing, feminine superhero costumes?!?!


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