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August 27 2010

Futurama shouts out to Joss' popularity at conventions. The lines start at 4:02.

Not up on Hulu yet.

This was another solidly entertaining episode of Futurama. I did particularly enjoy this bit.

Ivalaine: Futurama isn't on Hulu, except for clips from the FOX run.
I don't think anyone else in the room last night knew why I was laughing so hard at that part.
I really enjoy Futurama, and the Joss mention was awesomeness. This show just got even cooler.

Made my imagination fly a little. So if the Futurama folks are Joss fans, then they could also be Firefly fans too, which might eventually prompt a shout-out to our fave smugglin'- futuristic-Chinese-cursin'-space-cowboys- on the show sometime... maybe?

Well, it COULD happen!
I was so hoping to see somebody dressed as a Whedonverse character in that episode. But the shoutout was great!
Well they already have Chinese cowboys who own half of Mars and treat it like a massive dude ranch. I have always wondered if they'd want to commiserate with another canceled Fox show that wasn't put out by Seth McFarlane though...

Plus I do love that they're being lightspeed appropriate, Lrrr would be getting Earth TV broadcasts from 1,000 years ago/now that narrative-wise he would really know who Joss Whedon is. Also Whedon gets to keep his face as opposed to one of the other TV producers alluded to on the show. (Granted I think part of that may have been the grisly visual gag.)

In hindsight with Orson Welles and Matt Groening this was very geared towards content creators.
It was great. Everyone I watched with laughed at that line as much as I was. This episode is up there with "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" as far as Futurama's genre shout-outs are concerned.
Yep. 'Futurama' got a "whoot whoot" from me last night.
Not a fan of the show...but the fact that they mentioned Whedon is certainly great.

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