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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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August 27 2010

Jane Espenson coming to Melbourne. She will appear at Film Victoria’s Arresting Audiences, a two-day summit for producers, screenwriters, directors and script editors.

See, now that would make an awesome birthday present if I lived in Melbourne.
Dead set, unimpressed!

Dear People I Would Sell My Brother To Meet/See Speak In A Public Forum:

Brisbane is a beautiful, beautiful place... it's WARM, it has BEACHES.

*sigh* Show some love for those of us who live North of the Border, please?

- If anyone's got plans to go, hope it's awesome.
I can't go. But might end up stalking the venue during my lunch hour...
Thinking about taking work off to do this, woo!
I can't make it as well, but would love to hear Jane's thinking on "Caprica".

You just can't stop that girl!
Again I say, "What about Perth?!"

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