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August 30 2010

A Q&A with Tim Minear about his new show 'Terriers'. The premiere airs on September 8th at 10pm on FX.

He's talking in past tense, ie "I was running the show". Is he not on the show anymore?
This doesn't seem like my kind of show at all but I might check it out now. I absolutely loved Michael Raymond-James in True Blood.
Fox is Lucy with Charlie Brown played by Tim. Hopefully, this time she won't yank the football away!
FX are not Fox and they're not known for cancelling so Terriers's future looks optimistic. And the only reason Tim's talking in the past tense is because they've wrapped the first season but haven't been picked up for a second yet.
Ah, thanks for clearing that up Jackal.
So it's not about small-sized people-sniffing missiles?
Are we sure this is even a real show? A quick search of the web offered nothing but a few informationally-challenged teasers.
I've seen the first episode twice so pretty damn sure it's a real show. Great people involved with this one. Starts on September 8th at 10pm on FX.
Oh, FX not Fox. The difference an "oh" makes...

Btw, I hear they are making a Drive movie. Too bad it's not Tim's Drive.
I was joking whilst making a not so subtle jab at the marketing of a new series. When the first 10 links of a google search give you one sentence of info about the show, it is hard to figure how they are planning on hooking anyone. "Dollhouse" was a blitzkrieg of promotion compared to "Terriers".
lottalettuce, FX is a niche cable network. FOX is a mainstream broadcaster. Their marketing budgets are night and day. A show on FX doesn't need broadcast numbers to be a hit. If you watch FX or basic cable regularly, you have definitely heard of Terriers.

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TIM: "Reminded me of Angel in the days of the WB. FX was was great. Very supportive, very enthusiastic, in sync with what we were doing and very smart input."

That made me hopeful. I'll check this show out when it airs - its Minear & Ryan creds are more than enough for me to give it a try... and FX is where I'm also hoping Joss heads when next he's up for TV. (Some years from now... when Goners goes to weekly. ; > )

BTW, the Terriers promos here were readily available.

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