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August 31 2010

Joss Whedon talks The Avengers. Ed Gross of Earth's Mightiest spoke to Joss for 13 minutes about the movie.

Yeah, that... clearly isn't Joss.
I think it's just a bad phone line.
Great interview! Gets me even more excited for the upcoming Marvel films! In my opinion, I think Joss is finally getting the recognition, the positive recognition, he deserves!...And the work/opportunities he has earned. What can I say: Joss Whedon is a creative genius! (stole that line from my friend)
Yeah defo Joss. Sounds knackered.
Sounds knackered.

You can turn the stereo balance all to the left so that at least the irritating crackling on the otherwise silent right channel is gone.

But nice interview! Felt more like 5 min though. :)
Great interview? Really? I thought the interviewer left a lot to be desired and Joss sounded completely uninterested.
I thought the interview sounded like an excerpt and that poor Joss sounded exhausted. No, the questions weren't particularly new or probing. I don't know why they would be, really. There's only so much that anyone can expect all the creatives involved to divulge before the it's time--and I think we already reached that limit about a month ago. ;) I'll bet that the two year slavering for details is going to get really, old really fast for all parties: Joss, interviewers, and fans.
The sound is bad, but the continent is great! This interviewer really knows this topic and brings out some great responses from Joss in spite of Joss being exhausted. I loved hearing Joss describe the characters as really messed up "damaged damaged characters" lol.
I just love Joss.
(But not in a stalker way).
Great interview

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