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August 31 2010

James Marsters will not attend Dragon*Con! James Marsters will not be at this year's Dragon*Con as planned due to work commitments. So unfortunately, his private party is canceled as well....bugga'.

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Yet, in exchange, we get a new Syfy series starring James! A fair exchange....Also, I'm waiting on a response from James' "people" about how the Private Party tickets will be refunded. I will add a comment soon.
Well, if he was bagging on the convention it might be hard to even consider holding the private party :-).

I tell a lie; at FanFair '99 Billy Ray Cyrus did just that so my family and I didn't see him.
Well ... we don't know if we have a series do we? We know we have a pilot. While I'm happy for James I think it's too bad that he had to cancel so close to the Con ... there are many people that attend D*C just to see James (not me) and some of them travel from far far away. And now there's no way for them to get most of their $$$ back (hotel/airfare/D*C tickets).
My Aunt and Uncle and their kids decided to come down to the con just to see James. Two of them even got tickets to the private party. So they're going to be really disappointed about this last minute cancellation.
I'm sorry for those who were looking forward to seeing James but hope you'll have a great time at DC anyway.

All conventions are advertised as subject to work commitments and I guess that if the studio have an actor under contract and change the schedule there's not a lot of wriggle room.

And Sy Fy! This better go to series now!!!
I think he might need some R&R from Fanexpo (Toronto), it seems he was everywhere this past weekend, 2 concerts, Q&A, multipe signings & photo Op sessions (note: Summer, Felicia, & Tahmoh were also present).

I thank him for his concert , great music and fun personal anecdotes.. Cheers James

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