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August 31 2010

Charisma Carpenter cast in the indie thriller "Crash Site". She'll be playing the female lead alongside Ty Olsson (Battlestar Galactica).

I've been rooting for Charisma since her Angel departure, I'm so happy things are going so well for her lately.
Very good news. (And is it me or is the line between features and indies less sharp now than it was from 1980-2005?)

Sounds interesting; is it combining straight people-vs-nature drama with traditional horror?

Very good news. (And is it me or is the line between features and indies less sharp now than it was from 1980-2005?)

For the lucky few that can gain mainstream buzz for whatever reason. There are still hundreds if not thousands made every year that sink without a trace. I suppose it is somewhat easier to promote them these days with all the online sites you can upload them to and viral marketing etc, but it's still very tough. It's like webseries vs TV I guess, there are many prominent ones (especially if you know where to look) and many others that only immediate friends and relatives see.

To be honest nothing Charisma's done lately has got me particularly interested, but I'm very happy for her that she's been busy lately, she's very underated.
I was justt htinking, for example, SMG is still considered face-worthy by PEople and fashion mags. But how big were the theaters her last 6 or so films were shown in?

Like we're back to the Not-ALways-So-Good Old Days when there were all thsoe Poverty Row studios which were low-profile but still known as film comapnies. A larger selection of "middle-ground" movies, so to speak.
TBH, I think SMG is considered worth featuring mostly still due to Buffy. Maybe a little Scooby Doo and The Grudge thrown in but mostly it's Buffy, with recent indies playing little part. I say that as someone who thought "The Air I Breathe" and "Veronika Decides to Die" were very good, and I wish more of her "post Buffy" movies had actually been seen by more people because they're very much worth it.

I do very much agree there is a much, much larger area for "middle ground" films to get noticed than even 5 years previously, sometimes despite having no studio backing at all, and it is in general easier to "make a splash" or even win Oscars than years ago for sure. Though back on topic, not many of CC's projects have made much of a dent yet with what has mostly been either indie/SyFy or other cult genre movies, but I have enjoyed seeing her in "Greek" a few times in recent years.

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