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August 31 2010

Our Mrs. Reynolds makes the cover of Rolling Stone. Christina Hendricks is vamping it up on the latest cover of Rolling Stone with her fellow Mad Man castmates. And now that darn song is stuck in my head.

Not sure about spoilers...but wanted to be safe rather than sorry...

A link showing how idiotic the Rolling Stone folk are by pointing out the crazy photoshopping done to the cast:
Where's the cover? All I get is an excerpt from the article.
A link showing how idiotic the Rolling Stone folk are by pointing out the crazy photoshopping done to the cast:

Not to belittle the shoddy artistry on display here, but is it really worth obsessing over considering such a thing is pretty much the norm - at least where popular magazine covers are concerned...
@Shadowquest - scroll down there is a link at the end of the excerpt.
CH is everywhere these days; she also is gracing the cover of the Washington D.C. Capitol File magazine (which I think hasn't yet been linked to yet in any of the myriad threads about her here in the black.)

And there is a pretty decent interview as well. High School as hell is discussed, as are pickled eggs.

Edit to fix link

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Anyone else a little disappointed that there wasn't a little Mal/Saffron reunion on-stage at the Emmy's this past weekend~?
Oh, napua, thank you for that link! That dress on the top right....good golly.

Loose Deckplate I found the cover, thanks. The first time I followed the posted link, it didn't show up, but the second time it did. However, when I tried to click the link to see the cover on another page, I got one w/South Park instead. Bleh. Rolling Stone apparently does not like my browser.
"Christina Hendricks, who rules the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as Joan, appeared in a video for the Nineties rock band Everclear." yeah, she wasn't on a little show called FIREFLY. YoSaffBridge....sheesh.
She's also on the front cover of the RadioTimes in the UK 4-10 September . Here

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It could have been so much easier to get a better shot of these guys. Something like this might have been better for the cast of Gossip Girl. That being said, for a quick glance cover, its not half bad. I certainly don't see the point in getting "Lost" (excuse the bad pun) in its mysteries.
Kinda funny that they slight Christina Hendricks' Whedonverse connection, while the title over her picture reads "How Vampires, Geeks and Ass-Kicking Babes Took Over the Tube". I'd say that "Vampires, Geeks and Ass-Kicking Babes" is pretty much a summary statement of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - not to mention that YoSafBridge did some pretty good ass-kicking herself.

Wonder if they mention Joss Whedon in the article.
It's so obvious where this cover has been photoshopped. It just makes Rolling Stone look shallow.
Sorry if the cover pic didn't show up in the top left at the start of the article, it does on my view of it! I LOVE the behind the scenes black and white pics linking off the page too.
Ugh... Rolling Stone uses Photoshop for evil instead of good. These are all highly (and in Christina's case, stunningly) attractive people mutated by vapid retouching choices.

I love Mad Men and it's great to see this show get more exposure and acclaim, but this cover gives it an undeserved cheesiness. What's with the whole backseat limo set-up? Very un-Mad Men. They should have kept with the cool retro mid 60s modern style, that would have been far better.

Also, in order to bolster the article's theme of the cast being unknowns and "Nobody wanted them", the only credit given to Christina is the music video. WTF? Credit where credit is due, she has a longer resume than that, and definitely her two memorable appearances in Firefly deserved mention. Well, hopefully this credit is mentioned in the full article, somewhere.

Again, it's great that Mad Men is getting more noticed, but it'd be nice if it was showcased with the same level of class as the show itself.
Christina also appears in both Grazia and OK magazines in the UK this week. (magazines dated 14th September)

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