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September 01 2010

Going to Dragon*Con? Don't miss Marian Call. After years of requests, Marian Call is coming to Dragon*Con! The 'verse's favorite songstress (she of the "Got to Fly" CD, featuring songs inspired by Firefly and BSG) will be performing this Friday night at The Warehouse Therapy Band Space in Atlanta. Come one, come all! Information at her website, tickets on sale now.

... but that clashes with the Buffy Horror Picture Show / Doctor Horrible Singalong doesn't it?
Go, go, and go. And if you can't (or even if you can), make sure to catch her near you on her 50-state tour.
oh,how cool. makes me wish I was going even more.
Yeah, I would like to go to see her, but it is during the big sing along. I guess I could try to catch it before or after one of the sing alongs. It is not exactly across the street though. I googled it, and it is several miles NE of downtown. It is still within the bypass radius though. She should have chosen another time or gotten a closer venue.

Too much to do, and only 4 days to do it all!

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