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September 02 2010

GeekDad teaches how to play the Firefly theme on guitar. started a bnew bi-weekly video feature where GeekDad (John Anealio) teaches you how to play "your favorite Geeky/Techie/Sci-Fi influenced songs." First up: Firefly. I like him already.

Wow, that sounds an awful lot "Rest In Peace". Good though.
I'm confused. There doesn't appear to be a video or a link to a video anywhere on that page.
There's a video right after the article.

Here's the direct link for the video for those who are not able to view it on the page for some reason.

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John is a HUGE sweetheart. And super Firefly fan.
Yeah, there's some sort of cross-site scripting going on there. Even with Noscript set to allow all scripts this page, my Firefox wouldn't play it, but Safari (sans special security settings) would.
If you scroll down and check out his album (for free), you can see that he has written a song titled 'Summer Glau' that is about River. Gotta love the fans with talent!

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