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September 02 2010

(SPOILER) RyallTime Posts Five Page Spike #1 Preview. Chris Ryall (IDW Publisher/EIC) has just posted the pages on his blog. Enjoy!

I think I like the artwork more than some of the other series. Looking forward to this.

So Mr. Lynch, How many covers are there going to be? I saw two but we both know that's just the teaser to get us OCD types hooked, right?
Fantastic! Good to have you back Brian!

So that's ubervamp, the Master, who's that guy in the middle? Dracula?

Maybe Wolfram & Hart do have something to do with this Twilight stuff, after all.
Yes, that is Dracula!

Two covers, as far as I know.

The art for this is STUNNING. Franco's best stuff. There's a page of Beck in issue 2 that is just amazing, and it's literally just her sitting in a chair.
GREAT preview! Loving everything. And man if Urru doesn't capture Drusilla perfectly every time.
Awesome. So excited for this. Urru seems like he always gets better with every series.
Yessssssssssssssssssss, copious amounts of yesssss.
This looks really good.
The artwork on this is great. (And I loved the opening line).

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Really great preview.
Glad you guys dig it! Thanks so much! What are you looking forward to the most? (writing SPIKE a lot this weekend and want some good SPIKE thoughts in my noggin)
Loving the opening line and the evolution of man(pires).
All I can say is, I stopped collecting IDWhedon well before the end of After the Fall. However, this really looks amazing. I might have to pick it up after all. And I always love flashbacks to the original series. I wish Buffy Season Eight had more honestly. Or at least flashbacks to the history of our main "immortal" characters. I'm actually looking forward to this series.
Re: the evolution chart thing

Am I right as also reading it as doubling with the sliding scale of evil? Because that looks like Angel there out in front at the "coma inducing" noble 10 spot. Which means that Spike places himself behind Angel... and that is just interesting as hell.
Well, the captions state he doesn't think he's as goody-goody as Angel.
As season 8 shows Spike is far more goody-goody then Angel.
Very diplomatic of you, Brian. ; ) Well, I'm not going to obsess about it; I'm just gonna buy the book. : )

Okay, okay. You caught me. Maybe just a little obsessing. That idea just fires up my brain...
Vergil, Spike would never see himself as goody-goody. Not on his worst day. Good, yes. Great, sure. Goody-goody? Ech.
I read the caption as Angel being 10 on the scale of noble, not goody-goody. Also, picture says Angel = more evolved. I prefer Joss's take on that subject.
The artwork looks superb for this! I can't wait to read it. :D

Have to say I'm not all that keen on the 'evolution of the Vampire' idea though. *g*
Well I'm glad to see that picture used for Spike to get a jab in at Angel - coma inducing nobility *snort*

Artwork - wow!
Looking at that artwork, I'm gonna have to start picking this up.
Loving it already Brian! I used to not be a fan of Urru's art, I thought it was kind of messy and something about it bugged me. But I just LOVE it here, I guess I've gotten used to the style and he's just gotten better and better! I've missed Brian's writing. I can honestly say this is the only Buffyverse comic I am TRULY looking forward to. And I'm hoping that it somehow continues at Dark Horse! I'd hate to see it cut short.
I once saw Spike described as "Noble but nowhere near saintly" which I always felt was pretty apt for Spike; Angel tends to get his martyr on all too frequently, hense the 'goody-goody' reputation. I'm really looking forward to this series - Love that recap of Spike's history - it bought a tear to my eye (seriously - #36 Buffy should read it. She really should.)
Oh, and to Brian's question, I'm looking forward to pretty much everything. Though in particular, I'm VERY excited for the guest appearance of Willow.
So looking forward to this...Brian's writing and Franco's art are as great as ever, and the colours are amazing.

To answer Brian's question, I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Spike and Dru interact, as well as the history of Spike's ship and crew.

And, because I'm compulsively the slot machine. Great scene, and intriguing given their return in the Angel series....but isn't the 'Hart' of Wolfram and Hart the animal ie a deer?
It is, but a "heart" is a recurring slot machine symbol, so we decided to keep it that way.
Looking forward to the fanged four together as a group in some flashbacks .

I would also like to see a appearance or a few appearences from Connor.I don't remember if Connor popping by was confirmed or not though.I liked there dynamic. :)

Also can't wait for the first meeting between Spike and Dru since Spike's had a soul.
Thanks for clearing that up Mr Lynch....I obviously haven't been gambling enough!

I should also add that I'm just generally looking forward to getting more Whedonverse work from your good self...your scripts have been the first to make me feel like I was watching the show again. Sadly, from the sounds of things these 8 issues will be your last hurrah with the characters.

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It looks great, but I'm sad knowing it's all heading to season 8.
Still looking forward to this very much. Wish it didn't have to end.
FABIO MANTOVANI. Okay, I was already looking forward to this book, but I LOVE Mantovani.

Well done, IDW! Lynch/Urru/Mantovani is the dream team from After the Fall.
Thanks so much for the preview pages! They're looking great and really made me want this series to be an ON GOING one.
I am looking so forward to this...after the major let down of the Spike Buffy 'reunion' I am ready for a Spike story worth reading. Thank you Brian.
Thank YOU GUYS for caring so much. We's going out with a bang!
Brian....thank you so much for caring about Spike and his fans. I wish your series was longer than 8 issues, but I'm sure it will certainly be worth the investment.

Is the series on pre-order now?

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