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September 02 2010

What Comic-Con Means to Me: The Joss Whedon Experience. A long-time Joss Whedon fan describes her (mostly underwhelming) experience at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

I'm skeptical of the idea that anyone can have a truly successful Comic-Con, on a personal level, if they have some fixed notion of What My Con Must Be™.
I'm skeptical of the idea that anyone can have a truly successful Comic-Con, on a personal level, if they have some fixed notion of What My Con Must Be™.

True I think, especially as the writer seems to have felt big exciting news was a large part of her experience, and if she didn't get it then the panel was already sub par, despite any other juicy bits ie Nathan turning up. Of course that is just my interpretation.

OTOH, it's not necessarily a bad thing for her that The Joss Whedon Experience was not the pinnacle of her trip this year, as she clearly found lots of other things to appriciate, and variety is healthy and things other than Joss can be the most awesome at times(umm, is that blasphemy punishable by burning here?). Maybe next year she'll have all the more fun at any Whedon related panels because she won't sit though 3 Stargate panels thinking they're rubbish but it's worth it if I get that tingling sensation when I see Joss, but enjoy the Whedon panel for whatever it is. (Although she's totally lost me on the classic SG distain, they're awesome and I'm only now really warming up to SGU. [/cheesygoodnessgeek])

An interesting read about expectations and expectations of fandom though, and I do sympathise with her thinking that Joss written projects/especially TV/webisodes are the things she is most wanting, because as great as I'm sure the Avengers will be I'm almost looking forward to it being done too.

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My husband just told me he is going to take me to San Diego Comic-Con next year.(2011). He's doing it for my birthday. I am thrilled! We live in Michigan, so this is a first for me. I can hardly wait. And Joss Whedon IS the pinnacle for me.

My husband is a great guy.
I found that to be a refreshingly honest and well-written journal.
whedon is GOD

Be prepared to camp out early outdoors (like the night before) if you're going to wait in line to get inside a Joss Whedon session. It can get cold so bring a jacket and perhaps a sleeping bag. It helps to have both you and your hubby line up so that you can take turns going to the bathroom and getting coffee. Bring water bottles too so that you won't have to pay extortionist prices there.
whedon is GOD/jettamesis - I got there at about 6 am most morning and got in fine.

I found that I didn't really know what I was doing at Comic-con, so it was frustrating at times, but I had a lot of awesome experiences - I enjoyed all Joss's panels, got my Dollhouse poster signed by a friend, met Adam Baldwin and lots of amazing behind-the-scenes people, saw some preview footage of Harry Potter, and generally got to see a lot of great stuff. The lottery system for autographs frustrated me because I have zero luck, and I couldn't figure out where people were at what times, and I got lost - and I still had a lot of fun. It's just a bit huge.
I got into the JJ and Joss panel by queuing for two hours, no hassle. Chose not to do the Joss experience as I was busy at the Spartacus panel. Because come on: it was Spartacus.
'I got into the JJ and Joss panel by queuing for two hours, no hassle.'

I've never been to Comic-Con, and I want to go, but is waiting for two hours really 'no hassle' there?
It's my understanding that the only panels you may have had to camp out overnight for this year were the Harry Potter panel (although my friends went really early that morning and still got in) and the Castle panel. I got into both Joss panels by getting in line a couple hours beforehand, like @gossi.
I really appreciate all the good advice on how to get in to see the panels. We'll probably be overwhelmed by all the stuff to do and see, but we'll try to take in as much as we possibly can. THANKS!!!

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