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September 02 2010

Rick Fox wants to make the Whedonverse proud. Eliza Dushku's boyfriend, LA Lakers legend Rick Fox (who had a cameo in Dollhouse), is competing on season 11 of "Dancing With The Stars". Today he tweeted a reply to Mo Tancharoen how he hopes his run on the show makes the Whedonverse proud. Good luck Rick!

If he sucks, don't vote for him because he's with Eliza. I'm just saying. Don't need more Masta P.

The athletes are rarely bad at it, though. Better question would be why is HE on the show and not HER?
Because Eliza knows Dancing With the Stars is where so-called "celebrities" go when they don't really have hope of a career anymore?
Wow! Tough crowd. We can't just say good luck?

Good Luck, Rick!
Sounds like he's milking for votes
If this is the crowd he wants to make proud, I'd say he should do himself a favor and find one that appreciates the gesture.
The Whdonverse are a cruel bunch!
Man - I don't even watch or care about Dancing With The Stars and I kinda appreciate the gesture. I can be as cynical as the next person, but it's kinda ugly to presume his motives are so completely self-serving, and to make a point to malign him in the bargain.

If we're going to be Le Fandom du Grand-Guignol always out for (metaphorical) blood, I'm going to be less than thrilled. There's a lot of discussions about stuff I don't care about in this fandom, but I don't find it necessary to (to switch metaphors) step in to piss on everyone else's parades. (Unless it's this parade - the one where everyone Ranks on Rick. So: guess I did. Embrace the contradiction.)

I wish him the best of luck. Knock 'em dead, Rick, and make at least some folks vicariously proud.
Good Luck, Rick! ;)
I don't watch the show but as a Celtics fan and a member of the "Whedonverse" I wish him the best of luck.
Because Eliza knows Dancing With the Stars is where so-called "celebrities" go when they don't really have hope of a career anymore?

I hear "the internet" is where people go to say nasty things about people they don't even know. Happily this is the not the norm here, as I feel a sudden need to remind people.
I think it's cute.

Good luck, Rick Fox.
Good luck Rick. They so need to do a "Rick Roll" number in some way, just because it'd be hilarious.
Can't say I'm much of a fan of DWtS or what it seems to stand for (granted I am speaking as someone with a reputation for doing things like wearing capes in public and singing about of'ing people for the good of dead empires) but - in any case - here's to hoping he has a blast!
Wishing Rick good luck and lots of fun! Hope Eliza shows up to watch. I'm not a fan of DWtS's but my Mom is and she'll keep me apprised of Rick's progress. :)
I think it is neat that Rick would give a shout to Eliza's crowd. However, I don't disagree with the first two comments. I watch the show and I dislike seeing someone work really hard and dance their butt off only to be sent home cuz someone who cannot dance at all is this season's Sanjaya. And while I might not have worded it the way pat32082 did, there is no denying that DWTS's stars are generally long in the tooth. It doesn't make it any less fun; it's just the way it is. Think of Eliza doing a season of Surreal Life and ask yourself if you don't think that would be a step down (and a seriously bad move career-wise). I think that was the intended point of the message.

Anyway, good luck Rick.

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Good luck Rick!!!!!
I'm sure he'll make us proud. And I appreciate the shout out. I've never watched the show, but I think I'll tune in to show some support. : )
Good luck and thank you, Rick Fox, and I hope you drag Eliza onstage--she has moves!
I watch it because I have friends who love to watch and then trash it. So I'm signing on as a non-voting well-wisher, and as someone who'd like a way to see just the dancing part and not all the other malarkey.
Good luck, Rick.
I'm not a die-hard fan, but I do watch it from time to time. And I enjoy it. It's rather entertaining to see these celebrities (Whatever form their fame may take) completely removed from their comfort zones.

Not only do they have to learn to dance in a week, they have to, in many cases, learn how to act as well. Because these dances aren't just a simple foxtrot or tango, they are telling a story. And for someone who is used to shooting hoops or throwing touchdowns, having to become a matador or a suave man putting the moves on a lovely lady is quite daunting. (Not to mention the costumes they have to wear.)

I ended up rooting for Kelly Osbourne when she was on, because learning to dance was changing her so much. Not only was she learning discipline and getting in shape, but she was, in her own words, "learning how to be a lady." And that experience moved her.

Now, granted, I might not know who all the stars are in a given season, but I pull for the ones who are out there truly enjoying themselves, and learning from what they are doing. Not the ones who go out on the floor and stomp around like Frankenstein's monster and glower through the entire number.

So, good luck, Rick! Don't break a leg, 'cause that show has a reputation for ER visits.
What QuoterGal and TamaraC said. As usual.
I have never had the slightest desire to ever watch that show (I am not a fan of reality TV in general, but IMO this show and its "stars" are ridonkulous), BUT... that made me go "Awwwww".
I think Rick Fox is sweet and cute and I like him (not just cuz he was an active or is with Eliza, but also because he was Clyde 'Sweetfeet' Livingston in the film version of Holes and that tickled me a bit.)
Anyone else remember him throughout Oz ? He had a pretty important part as Jackson [I had to look up the last name] Vahue, especially in Season 4, but appeared in a few eps of Season 1 and even in the series finale. Only watched the first ep of Dirt, but he was also in six episodes of that.

Anyway, he's hot and his acting is fine, from what I remember. Won't be watching Dancing with the Stars, but good luck to him anyway.
Is he the tallest person to ever appear on a Joss show? Cause 6ft 7 is a fantastic height. Also nice shout out too.
Adam Baldwin is 6'4, so yeah Simon, probably. Unless one of the stunt actors (in demon suits), or the guy that played The Beast in Angel Season 4, or the actor who played Skip (and Roy from the U.S. version of The Office, heh) are above 6'7. Those are the only other tall-looking possibilities that come to mind.
I don't watch the show, but, good luck Rick! And have fun.
Sorry, that was just my complete aversion to all Reality TV coming through. But I wasn't actually referring to Mr. Fox back there.

Still, mea culpa.
Rick is a lovely guy, Eliza's a lucky gal.

Also, he was great on 'Party Down'. A show you should all be watching. Except it got cancelled.

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Yeah, I agree, he was great on "Party Down." I don't get Starz, so I bought the DVDs. The show was kind of hilarious. Waiting to buy Season 2, then cry when there's no more.
I met Rick at the Perth Supanova in June, and I can say from experience that he's an awesome, really friendly guy - and when he sits down, he looks like he's still standing up. Friggin giant. Good luck to him. And I don't think that tweet is self-serving exactly - he was replying directly to Maurissa, it's not like he just came out and made a random plug.
If we're going to be Le Fandom du Grand-Guignol always out for (metaphorical) blood, I'm going to be less than thrilled. There's a lot of discussions about stuff I don't care about in this fandom, but I don't find it necessary to (to switch metaphors) step in to piss on everyone else's parades. (Unless it's this parade - the one where everyone Ranks on Rick. So: guess I did. Embrace the contradiction.)

I love Quotergal. Good luck Rick!
Good luck! I don't watch the show, but if I did, I'd certainly be rooting for him. Whether he be extended or main family to the 'verse, just having that makes him more important to me than anyone else in the show.
I also have an intense dislike for reality shows. But I started watching this so I'd have something to talk to my mom about, and stayed because of my love for winter Olympic sports (Evan Lysecheck placed second last season, Apollo Ono won it the year before, both well deserved)

So I'll probably at least check it out. And wish him well and certainly not think the worst of his intentions, from a personal tweet.

Are Whedonesquers taking testy pills lately?


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As noted above he was responding to someone of the Whedonverse, so there's nothing gratuitous about it. Don't watch Dancing with the Stars, don't care anything about professional sports (had to google Lakers to find out its basketball not football), but hey how many pro athletes even know about the Whedonverse much less give it shout-outs. Good luck Rick and don't break anything.
pat32082: Still, mea culpa.

That was classy, pat32082 - seriously. That was a Very Cool Thing to see in a week where I've been feeling just a bit off humanity.

(Thanks, OldSwede, though I doubt that, I do indeed. ; > - and old? Reeeally? bet I'm older. I'm almost the oldest person what ever was. ; > And Ms. catherine - backatcha, darlin' - I always look forward to seeing your name in the "Recent Comments" - when you can these busy days...)

Okay, sorry, back to The Dance.
Oh QG. You young'n.
Glad to see that the advent of the weekend is cheering people up. I'd heard about this thread and been avoiding it.
I couldn't care less about DWTS or professional sports and honestly all I know about him is that he's dating Eliza and was on that one ep of Dollhouse. so I won't be watching and I won't be voting. but still, all the best. have fun,rick.
Ok, so what exactly constitutes Whedonesque front page worthy posts then? he's guest starred in 1 episode, he dates a full-fledged whedonverse actor, and he wants to make us proud in a tweet to another full-fledged whedonverse writer/actor. Not that I'm against the guy, or Mo, or the poster, but I wouldn't have thought something like this would not make the front page, when so many other stories about people far more involved in the Whedonverse don't make the cut.

Sorry to be so whiney, but yeah, if every tweet to Mo, or whoever, from someone so loosely involved with the Whedonverse makes it to the front page, I expect to see tweets from Gossi, and OneTrueB!x etc talking about the Whedonverse or Whedonesque make the front page!

And yes, he was awesomely funny in Party Down, and I hope he does enough to make himself proud, not us. That's what really matters on DWtS, coz it aint the dancing skills.
It's also something of a slow-news day/week/time.
What sticks is entirely down to the moderators here. Rick Fox was doing a nice thing there, it's a fun Whedonesque entry, and there's little else to discuss. That's my take.
Email us if you want to know why something is a post here. We don't need to discuss it in the thread itself.

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