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September 02 2010

Kristine Sutherland gets soapy. Buffy's mom has signed on to a new recurring role on the One Life to Live soap opera.

Oh, I thought she got *a* Soapy. That's a real award, right?

I miss seeing her on the screen... but soap operas aren't really my cup of TV.
Get out. She got a soap? She's a Dean at Llanview U?

Good for her. And that puts her so much closer to achieving Buchananity. Which is good, too.
I'm happy she's getting work, but I refuse to watch oltl after they unceremoniously fired Scott Evans and Brett Claywell (who also played Matt on Dollhouse) because they thought their storyline was the reason for the show's low ratings. Several months later and the ratings continue to slide. At least they can't blame it on "the gay" once they're canceled.

Sorry for my little rant, the wound is obviously still raw. I love Kristine Sutherland and wish her all the best.
Heck, Macdonald Carey & Joan Bennett were successful film stars and Anthony George was a prime-time star and they all finsihed their careers on soaps.
As a longtime fan of OLTO, l'm excited to see Kristine as part of the show.
I would hope she is not "finishing her career" yet.

Good for her. Regular work is always good.
Good for Kristine!

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