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September 03 2010

World premiere of Browncoats: Redemption at Dragon*Con this Saturday. It'll be shown in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom at 7pm. In related Dragon*Con fandom film news, 'Horrible Turn' will be screened today in the Hyatt Learning Center at 10am with the panel happening at 4pm. More details can be found here.

It looks like they will also be streaming it live online at the same time for those of us interested fans who are unable to be in Atlanta.

As far as I can tell, you don't have to be a member of Facebook or UStream, unless you want to leave comments, etc. Here's an excerpt from their Facebook event description:

"Saturday, September 4th at 7pm EDT, we will be streaming the premiere online simultaneously as the film plays at Dragon*Con. You will be able to watch the film here on Facebook, on our website, or on our sponsors direct page for the premiere

While the film is going on you can interact with us via twitter at or be a part of the conversation there by using the twitter hashtag #browncoatsmovie"
I can't wait to see this... Even though I can't make it to Dragon*Con, I'll attend the simultaneous online premiere at :-)
I've been looking foreword to this. I'm not sure how much it's actually going to feel like Firefly, but my expectations are I think, appropriately low. ; ) What I'm really interested in, is finding out what kind of quality product can be developed and made outside the Hollywood system for the markets that they are under serving. (There just aren't a whole lot of independent films in the SFF genres.) And if it does turn out to feel like I'm living in the Verse again? Bonus!
Pretty decent for a fan film.
It is better than the Ewok films!
The live audio kind of killed it for me though.
(too many muffled footsteps on the wooden floor.)

I liked the set design. I want to decorate my house like that!

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I was there at the premiere. Good grief this is a wonderful fan production! The atmosphere in the Westin Ballroom was amazing - over 1000 Browncoats loving every minute of the film (even if it was a moderately crappy projector :-)

I am astonished that there has not been more follow up to this here and on other fan sites. The movie is only $22 (and if you listen to Sending a Wave or The Signal, you can get 2 bucks off that by quoting a code :-) and everything after production costs goes to the five charities supported (all charities involving BDHs in some way; Equality Now and Kids Need to Read are the 2 you've most likely heard of)

There are other fanfilms of course, but this is the first, hi-def full length gorram fan film set in the Verse, how come folk aren't going ape about it? It's no Serenity (and doesn't try to be), but it's fun, has a coherent story, is acted well enough (some great performances) and has some majorly shiny fan moments and even if you don't like it, you've just given a charity donation. What's not to like?

(The Signal:
Two or three things will prevent it getting much traction amongst the wider fan base - the show cast aren't in it, it isn't Joss produced, and it isn't streamable online.

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