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September 03 2010

Portraits of Nicholas Brendon autographed for charity. Portraits were autographed this past weekend at the UltimArt Convention in Paris. Proceeds from sales will go to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Nick chose the charity in honor of Whedonesque's J.Monique, his long time friend and publicist who recently celebrated two years cancer free! Congrats to her!
Thanks! I'm still very touched by the gesture. And for those of you who can't/don't want to purchase the photos, you can donate to Stand Up 2 Cancer in honor of Nick by visiting the donate page on SU2C's website.
J.Monique Congratulations! I lost my grandfather to cancer (He lived w/his for 18 years) and my aunt is recently recovering from bone cancer.

I wish I had the money to bid and/or donate, but I really don't right now. (Been laid off for two weeks, after working 3 days after another week of no work. Ouch!)

Breyer Animal Creations recently released one of their more popular molds, the Andalusian sculpted by my friend Kathleen Moody, in clear pink plastic w/pink ribbons painted all over it, as part of their Canter Against Cancer campaign. They also released the Stablemate scale Andalusian in clear pink w/ribbons. A portion of the sales will go to Susan G. Komen For the Cure and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. As soon as I have spare money I'm going to get one of each. Which...will probably be a year from now. Sigh.

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