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September 03 2010

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie on Buffy #36. It's the return of Comic Book Resources "Behind Buffy Season 8" series.

That really tells us nothing. I sort of thought these were softball questions; there are some real tough ones which might be asked.
Well, it at least tells us that it's actually The Master:

I believe The First showed up at one point disguised as The Master, but that wasn't really him. It was somewhat of a surprise to me when Joss told me he'd be bringing back The Master, but as it often happens he had something very specific in mind. You've got something you need to do plot-wise or character-wise and there's only one character who can satisfy that. So while I was surprised to hear about the return of The Master, he'll be doing some big stuff for the next couple of issues.

Great interview.I liked the insights to the issue.I wish CBR had done one these Behind Buffys for the Riley One-Shot with Jane.
I don't understand. Were people confused about it being The Master? What other proto-vamp would be underneath Sunnydale?

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There were guesses (me included) who threw the idea out that it might be the First, rather than the actual Master.
I think there might of been speculation that it was The First Evil.
Ah. I thought people were saying it didn't look like him. Heh.
It was also nice to hear that the comics aren't going to be used as a venue to play out shipper battles. IMHO, that was the most irritating part of most discussions of the comics. I'd much rather talk about Angel and Spike as characters than Angel and Spike as love interests, and it seems like Joss/Scott agree on this point.
As Angel lands into the Hollywood sign here, we get our first direct reference to the IDW plotline with Angel's expecting to see ruins in Los Angeles. I'm assuming you and Joss have known that "Angel" would be returning to Dark Horse for a while?

Yeah, we've known that for a long time. But in terms of Angel crashing through the Hollywood sign, that's something Joss wrote after co-plotting "After The Fall" with Brian [Lynch].

That's new! How Joss and Brian looked at Angel hitting the celebrity status
I love Scott Allie and his interviews. This one is no exception.

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My thought was "How could it possibly be The Master?" He is very very dead. I hope it does get explained.
Everyone wants The Master's resurrection to be explained (myself included), but I love how Angel's return from the hell dimension wasn't explained at all back in the day.

(.....If it was, and I'm being silly, then someone please say so.)
The First confirmed in "Amends" that it brought Angel back from hell.
I thought it was Jasmine? I didn't think The First had that kind of power. Have to re-watch those eps.

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The First claimed to bring Angel back but the episode leaves it open to interpretation. Giles says it "may have had the power" and Buffy says "So this big evil takes credit for bringing you back and you just buy it!?" They leave it on that note and then in Choices The Mayor asks Angel "Is that what you were brought back from Hell for? Is that your greater purpose?" so it remains a mystery.

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Some people believe that Buffy's love for Angel brought him back from Hell as it was moments after she lay the ring down that he falls into that exact space and then later remembers her enough to utter her name when he can barely make a sound other than growling.

I also really enjoyed this interview. We got two goodies this week, first Scott from Slayalive and now this.
It may have been the PTBs who brought him back.

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I don't think there's (yet) an actual definitive answer as to why Angel came back to life. Or how he could save Kate - without being invited into his apartment first.

I like both these things.
One little detail about Angel being brought from Hell always puzzled me - and it is never mentioned when this discussion comes about. Mainly Whistler jokes with Buffy about needing a date to the prom before he gets to serious business. I always took it as confirmation of PtB's at least having some part in bringing Angel back. And now it is established that Whistler has the 'sight', i.e. has capacity to see alternative futures.
So are we saying it's okay if there's a certain amount of vagueness to The Master's revival, as well?
Well It will fit in with all the other plot holes/leaps in logic scattered about this season so far. *g*
I hope they don't keep it vague. The difference between Angel coming back and now the Master is that Angel never died. He never got crushed into powder. He went to another dimension, is all.

I don't care what Joss comes up with for his resurrection (those kinda plot points don't really resonate with me) but hopefully we'll get a definitive answer in the text so there isn't need for any fan-wanked one.
Folks, the entire world was reset by the PtBs at some point. It might be that they restored the world not quite to the same order that it was before - speculation only - but there seems to be that much more demons in S8. I won't be surprised if PtBs made a boo-boo and Master somehow happened to be restored with the rest of the world.
There are only three textually established agents powerful enough to have brought Angel back in "Amends" -- the "official" Powers, Jasmine (a rogue power, to believe her), or the First. It was either them, or it was some other interdimensional entity. It was not, given that this is Joss Whedon and not Stephenie Meyer, the power of love and a completely non-supernatural ring.

Given what he's turned out to be, though, the thing I keep thinking is that the world would be better off if they'd not bothered. The only real "world in peril" thing that Angel ever did anything about after that was Jasmine... who couldn't have even come if not for him being back. An argument -- a thin one -- could be made for the events of that really terrible Season 2 episode of "Angel" where he and Lorne teamed up to stop that guy from... doing something boring. But that would basically be the entire argument from what I can tell for the world having needed him back.

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Angel gave Buffy the amulet that allowed Spike to save the world in Chosen.

So.... yeah... that's all I got...
There are only three textually established agents powerful enough to have brought Angel back in "Amends

Wolfram and Hart playing a very long game?
Whoever did bring him back technically - is not that important. Whistler knows in advance Angel will be back - therefor the PtBs know and do nothing to stop it. There are different ways of achieving the desired result - and one of them is to encourage your opponent to do something you want to happen, knowing in advance that the player they are bringing in is not going to play on their side because you already have hooks attached to him ( i.e. Buffy). So, even if Angel was brought back by any of the 'other ' three players - the PtBs were aware and took advantage of it. Smarter move than doing it themselves and wasting points.
Except for how it hasn't accomplished much of anything good someone else couldn't have done, and has in fact only led to many, many horrible things.
Dorotea: What does Whistler's comment about the prom have to do with Angel? As I recall, when asked by Buffy what he was doing in Giles's house, he replied "I need a date for the prom." I took it as him being snarky and treating Buffy like a stereotypical teenaged girl.

Simon: What makes you say those (PtB, Jasmine, The First) are the only ones with the power to bring Angel back? What about Twilight (ie, the sentient universe), or Wolfram and Hart? What about an Old One, who seem to have been at some point absolutely powerful, and may still be in a Hell Dimension. And, why not the power of love. Or I should say, The Power of Love, capital, because Season 8 has at least alluded to Love's Power. I think there are options...
Except for how it hasn't accomplished much of anything good someone else couldn't have done, and has in fact only led to many, many horrible things.

Hrm, like Buffy coming back after The Gift?

Angel and Lorne stopped a guy from destroying the universe. What did Buffy really accomplish post-S5? The First wouldn't have popped up if Buffy hadn't been resurrected. The Slayers wouldn't have been activated and there'd be no Twilight slaughter.
Also, Simon, who says Angel has not done any good? I think it was stated early in AtS that it's not about saving lives, it's about saving souls. I should say that Angel and Team have accomplished this time and time again. ...the small fight, the ongoing fight, to do the right thing when no one else will or can. (Season 8 notwithstanding, maybe)
5X5B are you referring to me or KingofCretins?
I'd agree about Buffy if I didn't have a sneaking suspicion of the annoyingly-left-open question of WHICH time Buffy came back from the dead gave the First its window. I've always been inclined to think it referred to "Prophecy Girl", on account of the Slayer line dividing, on the fact that we actually see the First actively doing stuff in Season 3 which seems to come off as being something new. While on the other hand, there's not much intuitively to connect Buffy being resurrected later to the First's actions. And, of course, Season 7 declines to answer specifically -- Anya and Giles' assumptions not being actual answers.

The flipside is that Buffy's return, unlike Angel's, hasn't had nearly the *cost* involved.

5X5B, I'd take the point more about the small fight and the ongoing fight if we didn't see Angel himself repudiate them by taking the Wolfram & Hart job and then, after whatever brief restoration he went through after "Not Fade Away", deciding that the entire *universe* wasn't worth the effort.
The flipside is that Buffy's return, unlike Angel's, hasn't had nearly the *cost* involved.

It hasn't? If Buffy didn't come back, Tara would probably still be alive. The Potentials would still be alive.

I don't mean that to be confrontational. I agree Angel's return is tied to loss, but that's what's so dramatically interesting about it. And Angel has saved so many 'small' people (Faith!) that I don't think it's fair just to chalk it up to who's saved the world vs. who has died.
I'm surprised they didn't bring up the nod to Lost. The second I saw that plane's wing exploding, I went right to the Oceanic 815 crash.

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