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September 03 2010

Happy Birthday Clare Kramer! She turns 36 today. There just aren't human words fabulous enough for the occasion.

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Happy Birthday!

She comes across as being so lovely on twitter.
Happy Birthday, Glorificas!
Happy b'day to,hmmm what's a good title?
At the Chicago comic show a few weeks ago, I was in line for a soda at the snack shop and Claire and Nick were two people ahead of me in line... I didn't pull out my camera (as that would have been a little tacky) but I said, "HI!!! You guys are awesome!!!" (trying not to squee and be a complete dork in public) and they were so nice and gracious and Leaf, she is even lovelier in person!


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36, No Way! Not that 36 is old, but she can surely still play a twenty-something for years to come.
Happy Birthday,!
I've always thought Glory was one of the more interesting of the villains, and seemingly overlooked at that. I was sad we didn't get to see more of her in season seven. (Although her flaky servant demons got on my nerves - why couldn't she just use vampires like everyone else?)
Happy Birthday to my favorite villain! And thanks for always being so wonderful at public appearances!
Happy Birthday, Clare Kramer!
Happy Birthday, Clare!
Happy Birthday, Clare. Since B3 I actually find myself rooting for Glory sometimes. ;)
Happy 24th birthday, Clare Kramer!

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