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September 03 2010

Final Dollhouse Auction Items on eBay. The final Dollhouse auction on eBay from VIP auctions.

What evidence is there that this is the final lot? They've been putting a few items up every Tuesday morning for a few months now. I don't see anything different about this week's lot.
I'm wondering the same thing. Was there an announcement on VIP Fan Club's website? At least there's a little more variety this week than there has been in some recent weeks it looks like.
Their latest email newsletter said that these were the final Dollhouse items up for sale.
That's unfortunate. Adele's fencing vest never did show up on the auctions. Although my fiance's closet does have half of Adele's wardrobe in it now, so I can't really complain. :)
I haven't been keeping an eye out for these for awhile unfortunately. They're sort of scraping the barrel at this point though. Fake menus and maybe real food service documents? Particularly that totally random "list of names."
Apparently, this is not the case. They've posted another batch of items, right on schedule.

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