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September 05 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Comic Reviews: Scott Tipton and Elena Casagrande Interview. Buffyverse Comics Reviews does an extended interview with Angel writer, Scott Tipton, and Angel artist, Elena Casagrande.

Mild spoilers for the upcoming Illyria mini-series.

There was an error with the pictures, but now it is fixed! Hope you all enjoy. There's a lot of cool stuff we got, such as a fun Orpheus tribute and some interior art from the upcoming ILLYRIA mini.

Plus, Scott gives perhaps the best explanation of why Angel is awesome... ever.

[ edited by patxshand on 2010-09-05 05:01 ]
Pat, maybe the pictures are just shy? :)

I. Cannot. Wait. For. Illyria. Mini. :D
Pics are fixed, everything is working.

ZELIKMAN: Yeah, I agree. Tipton is an awesome dude, and a wonderful storyteller. He's a natural fit for ANGEL, as is his co-writer Mariah.

Thankyou, Pat, that was a wonderfully informative Interview. I just love the covers for the new Illyria comics, both are stunning. This sound like it's going to be a great exploration of Illyria.
How about the Orpheusness? Isn't that friggin' awesome?
Illyria's a natural comic book character lol. Although I'd still have liked to see the original s6 plans carried out, with the splitting of her and Fred.

*Sigh* Guess there's fanfic at least.
I think the "splitting" that was spoken of was what Brian carried out in "After the Fall." Illyria attempting to have Fred shine through, but it being exposed as a rouse. It would be too easy and so very not Whedonesque to have both characters alive in one body.

Also, from a production perspective, it'd be the most annoying thing to shoot on an episode-to-episode basis... ever.

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