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September 04 2010

Dragon*Con: Firefly cast panel coverage. A small article from Dragon*Con Daily on the Firefly Panel. Videos of the panel can be found here.

The Whedonverse Track schedule for DC can be found at !

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Makes me want to re-watch. Miss that family something awful. Nice write-up.
That sounds like a great time was had by all, as usual with stuff like this i'm reminded of how amazingly the stars aligned for 'Firefly' from the writing to the cinematography to the score to the amazing cast chemistry, the show had everything. Except a second season. *sniff*.
Oh I wish I had been there! I hope there will be a lot more reports... and video!
I added a link to videos of the panel.
Cheers for the video link Simon. Awesome, awesome panel, everyone on fine form (Sean Maher always seemed pretty quiet but he was hilarious here). And we need a new form of measurement for how much I ♥ Jewel Staite. Like a yotta-♥ only plus a bit. A lotta yotta-♥.

Also, Morena Baccarin should speak either Japanese or French ALL the time. Humina. S'all i'm sayin'.
Watch the video. It's hilarious.
That was so full of win, I really don't have a better comment.
Oh thank you for linking that Simon! It is not only hilarious, I can actually hear and see it easily!
What a hoot!
Thanks to all at TFAW for making this available to fans. It is great to see the camaraderie (and just pure joy in being together) between the panel members (including Nathan and Alan who phoned in with what turned out to be a hilarious sketch), and between the panel and the Browncoat audience. The video was of great quality. If it ever makes it to DVD, it would be worth having.

P.S. Hi, embers.
Those videos are awesome.
That has got to be the most entertaining and hilarious panel videos ever, such great people. I don't think there will ever be anything like Firefly/Serenity again. Thank you for the videos!!
Only tenuously related but I thought I'd post this in case anyone missed it:

@levarburton: Be still my heart... Summer Glau #DragonCon

Just so glad Sean had a good time. He so rarely makes appearances!
My cheeks hurt too!
Thanks for the link! That was one of the best hours I've had in a long time. Miss Firefly so much.

Oh wow, that was splendiferous. Loved every second, well... until that guy stood up at the very end.
Could anybody hear what the pranks were that the audience was suggesting be done to Nathan?
The one that impressed Morena and Jewel as particularly nasty/brilliant was "Give out his phone number to everyone" ;).

(didn't hear much before that though I think one was about the ongoing "bird" contest between Jewel and Nathan which she followed through on later by photographing everyone giving him the finger)

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