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December 06 2003

Nathan Fillion interview. Just like Charisma, he's appearing on 'Miss Match' and is trying to wear down Joss in an attempt to guest on Angel as either Captain Mal or Caleb.

Mal would be highly amusing on Angel.

If anyone is having problems with the Zap2it link, go to and find the interview from there as the link seems to come and go.

Sounds like a damned funny guy...hey, I thought my Season 5 and my Firefly DVDs were supposed to arrive this week...actually, I guess it's good that Angel isn't resuming for weeks...
My Season 5 copy shipped yesterday...should have it by mid-week!
where did you order it from that shipped it early?
I pre-ordered with! They are great! I received my Angel season 2 the day it was supposed to come out!
cool, i just preordered it with Amazon. So i pray for the speed of the postal system.
I have my reservation slip from the local Borders in my coat's breast pocket. It's been there for a week, like a Bible or piece of the True Cross.
Gorilla, Simpleba, the USPS is actually amazingly efficent and cheap, relative to other Posts...I lived in Germany for many years and to this day I ship to and receive from all over the world still...and the US Postal system is pretty damned good...

DaveW...boy, I know exACTly what you mean!

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So Miss Match and ABC Family is where we will be able to see all of the actors from now on....

This is sacrifice, they don't know what they ask of us :)

I'm just thankful we get to see them at all, plus the abc family movies can be cute. Although I do wonder sometimes if they realize the monopoly they have going on Joss' stable of performers.

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