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September 06 2010

Angie Hart on Good News Week - Aussie TV. One of Joss' faves and Buffy/Firefly guest star has a singing spot on Aussie TV at the moment.

It's on live at the moment, she'll be back later in the show to sing again. Host asks about Buffy and Firefly. Video up after the show has aired.

Another note - Angie is also touring Australia at the moment! My lovely husband just purchased tickets for me after seeing her on Good News Week!
allthattwiggery - it would be preferable that you wait till the video goes up first before posting an entry her appearance.
no worries :) and not that it's really anything remotely interesting but one of the other guests on the show was Dichen Lachmann's on screen sister a few years back on Neighbours. a very lose whedon connection if there was one haha
Did a little squeal of excitement when they mentioned Buffy/Firefly!!
Awesome! I'm just about to watch GNW in Perth! Joss fans = Also GNW fans? You people are amazingly epic.

I think Channel Ten has region-locking though, so if you aren't in Australia, you'd hope it gets put up on YouTube!

@allthatwiggery; You mean Caitlin..? Cool! Always good to see Dichen or any of her co-stars!

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