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September 06 2010

Small interview with Joss from Media Geek. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Aw, he was looking forward to the third (and final?) Daniel Craig Bond.

I haven't kept up with the MGM news. Are we just waiting for them to be sold off and then Cabin will likely have a good shot at being released in the next year or two ? Or, as Joss implies, possibly even keeping its January date ? In which case, how soon would the ad campaign need to re-start ? What month would we usually start seeing teasers & trailers for it? October ? How many months in advance of release for a non-franchise/non-brand-name film ?
The latest news on MGM (and it changes every week) is it looks like they may go bankrupt next week, as they have a 9 figure interest payment due of their debts, which they can't make.

I still think somebody like Fox or Paramount will pick up Cabin at a bargain basement price in the next few months, and hopefully get it out the door in 2011 or 2012.

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I wish he'd say 'And then I'm starting on Ripper'
Is there no government helping plan to help MGM, like Obama did with ensurances and banks?
Basilian Chaos Man, the government might step in if an entire business sector was in trouble (like with banks and auto manufacturers), but we are still capitalists here and the government won't bail out a single company brought down by their own stupid business decisions. Thankfully.
Wait, the banks are more important than new Bond movies now?

More seriously, have we seen that picture before (the Buffy/Angel one)? It doesn't ring any bells with me, but I can't work out if it's an older pic which I've forgotten, or a forthcoming cover which I haven't seen any other mentions of yet.
It's the cover art for the next Buffy season 8 tpb.
Why does Angel want to kill Buffy's boob ? I ask cos that's really not where her heart is (fair enough, he doesn't have too much experience with a stake but still...). That said, the Buffster looks kind of into it so maybe killing her isn't exactly plan A.

More seriously...

More serious than a new Bond movie ? Does such a position exist ?

Irks me too, particularly given that it was apparently intended to be a trilogy. I'm pretty sure there'll be another Bond movie - because if MGM goes pop it'll be sold as an asset (and also, of course, because "James Bond will return" - anyone else sappy enough to sit and wait for that in the credits ? I do it every time, it's tradition) but the longer it takes, the less likely they are to be able to get the entire cast back again.

And I also want America to see Cabin in the Woods. Preferably just after Britain sees it ;).

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